What Is Stimulated-Inc. Anyway?

Stimulated-Inc. is a trailblazing consultancy and creative studio recognized for Experiential Transformations and the creation of ‘Hyper-Experiential Video Content.’ Since its inception in 2005, the studio has pioneered integrating cutting-edge video content with real-world environments, profoundly impacting audiences across multiple major entertainment genres. 

As a prominent provider of video content for large-format LED screens, Stimulated-Inc. has developed an impressive history through collaborations with industry leaders across various sectors, including broadcast (MTV Video Music Awards, Academy Awards, ESPY Awards), concerts (Disney, Michael Jackson’s This Is It 3D, Foo Fighters tours), film (Disney’s Hannah Montana 3D Concert Film), and live and digital entertainment (YouTube Music Awards), extending even to the cruise line industry. Their history of working alongside some of the most prestigious names in these fields underscores their commitment to innovation. 

Always on the lookout for electrifying new challenges, Stimulated-Inc. continuously seeks opportunities to leverage its distinctive skill set, aiming to craft unparalleled, memorable experiences in new markets and venues.

Integral to Stimulated-Inc.’s ability to execute such grand-scale projects is its arsenal of proprietary tools, meticulously designed to produce video content on a massive scale. These tools empower the team to deliver outputs that are not just consistently large but often rank among the largest in the industry. Stimulated-Inc. thrives on ‘big’—big ideas, big screens, and big impacts. Their commitment to scale is a technical capability and a core philosophy. This focus on grandeur sets Stimulated-Inc. apart, making them a go-to studio for projects that demand a bold and expansive creative vision.

With an eighteen-year track record of creative innovation, Stimulated-Inc. distinguishes itself through its unique approach, shredding traditional production methods and leveraging its proprietary processes.

A key element of Stimulated-Inc.’s readiness to take on big, bold, even ‘scary’ challenges is its proprietary suite of production solutions. Stimulated Works, is the SaaS software platform that streamlines creative workflow and saves the team precious time. Stimulated-Inc. exclusively owns and operates Studios United, the talent solution that efficiently connects projects with the right creative partners at the right time, thereby ending the tedious process of partner search and management. Central to its operational excellence is ‘The Stimulated Method,’ which ensures cost-effectiveness, efficient time management, and the fulfillment of the team living their best creative work lives. This streamlined efficiency across all operations allows Stimulated-Inc. to allocate more time, budget, and resources toward their clientele’s desires: high-level creative work pushing innovation, imagination, and emotional connection.

Beyond its commercial work, Stimulated-Inc. proudly embraces a ‘Creative Activism’ arm, allowing the team to champion their beliefs. This dual focus on innovative media solutions and social good defines Stimulated-Inc. as a creative and socially active leader in the industry.

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