How To Put Experience First

Robb Wagner explains his “Experience First” philosophy inspired by Steve Jobs.

“You have to start with the user experience and work backward toward the technology.” – Steve Jobs

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Robb Wagner

Are you looking for the secret formula to creating meaningful change for Earth?

by Robb Wagner

Look to Surfrider.

Surfrider Los Angeles is an organization that embodies the spirit of working collaboratively to positively impact the world- both in the present and future. With a mission to preserve 31 miles of the beautiful California Coast, the efforts of Surfrider Los Angeles demonstrate a rare and admirable dedication to setting goals in order to save the Oceans.

We look towards Surfriders’ energetic and dynamic approach that is paving new ways to create change in a country where environmental policy is being tossed to the side. Challenging and collaborating with government and industry, Surfrider is working to protect the Oceans that breathe life into our planet.

Surfrider is only possible due to the passionate people who give their driven organization the added strength and fervor it needs to succeed. Offering constant volunteer opportunities and events, Surfrider Los Angeles has become central to the lives of many Californians who share a common goal of keeping our coastline alive and thriving.

These are simply some of the qualities which place Surfrider Los Angeles on our list of Organizations that are changing the world.

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Rules Be Damned: Elvis Presley

by Robb Wagner

Are you living under the limitations of others or paving your own path with your own rules?

Elvis Presley stirred up controversy while stirring his hips at a passionate performance one night in Los Angeles. Despite the Los Angeles Vice Squad watching closely for excessive gyration, Presley continued to let his music flow and move his body however it pleased.

Later explaining these movements as simply being part of his natural reaction to the music, Elvis cracked open the limited mindset of self expression to the world of musical diversity that exists today. Presley helped push the boundaries past what was considered socially acceptable simply by choosing to make his own rules. Breaking through pointless limitations, this act represents the tenacity and spirit that lies within all creators and individuals who swim against the current.

On what would have been his 84th birthday, we celebrate Elvis for showing us that having the courage to define your own path will lead to unique opportunity like no other.

Write your own rules.

Take The Leap & Become A Game Changer

by Robb Wagner

What is a disturbance? An inconvenient speed bump in our progress? Or is it rather the unexpected gust of wind that shifts the sails and guides us towards an extraordinary discovery?

Disruptors have been instrumental in the innovations that allow us to move beyond the boundaries of society. These are the people and brands that create large looming waves that disturb stagnancy in our society created by one track minds.

Sir Richard Branson began with a dream of competing with big name airlines. He had to ask himself- What can I offer that will disrupt the industry and make me a unique competitor?

This pushed Branson to innovate new incentives like limo service that rocket-launched Virgin Airlines into its’ current success. This singular ability to divert the common flow and create beyond the demand is a valuable talent in our society that we should celebrate and strengthen.

We want to change the perception of deviation and salute the creative thinkers who dare to disrupt.

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It’s time to take a chance on indulging in your wildest, most outlandish dreams. Here’s why.

by Robb Wagner

Everyone has heard the phrase shoot for the stars, but do we truly apply this to our lives or is it some far off trope lingering in the back of our minds?

Dreams are the cornerstone of progression that have been sparking change in our world since the beginning of time. The beauty of dreams lies within the lack of constraints. Having true free range of thoughts and ideas is a remarkable yet rare trait that has defined leaders and catalysts for change throughout history.

Why should we limit our minds to what we see as realistic and easily achievable when we can push ourselves even further and create something extraordinary? It’s time to take a chance on indulging in your wildest, most outlandish dreams. Here’s why. Breaking through the confines of our day to day thoughts, dreams open up a world of creativity and opportunity.

Frankenstein’s Monster, everyone’s favorite misunderstood creature, just happens to be the result of a wild dream. Dr. James Watson even dreamt of the double helix structure of DNA before the discovery was solidified. It’s easy to see that from the arts to scientific discoveries and beyond, dreams allow our minds to reach new heights and break down the barriers of perceived reality.

Now imagine a world where this level of creative thought is encouraged on all levels. We want to encourage you to never stop dreaming.

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