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Robb Wagner

Robb Wagner has spent his career using media to hyper-transform experiences for globally recognized brands such as Disney, Viacom, Carnival Cruise Line and YouTube. At the core of his success is a radical approach to work and passion for disruption. 

As CEO of Stimulated-Inc. – the creative studio he founded in 2005 – Wagner spearheads high-level creative solutions that he translates across industries. From television and film to streamed video, concerts and other live performances, he has been able to borrow principles from one sector and apply them to the next, tapping an often-counterintuitive approach and core mindset shifts as part of the process.

Wagner, for example, prefers to start projects with the outcome, reverse-engineering the work to accomplish his goals. Developing his own creative methodology and workflow solutions in 2012, Wagner future-proofed his company while giving his team a seamless way to scale creative production for seven-figure projects.

As a result, his creative breakthroughs have raised the bar on big and small screens, with each successful brand experience benefitting from the last. A few such large-scale examples include developing content for 50 video screens at the MTV Video Music Awards, producing larger-than-life 3D visuals for Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert tour and film, and creating digital content in front of a live audience at the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, alongside Spike Jonze.

Wagner, a member of the Directors Guild of America, lives in the surfside town of Hermosa Beach, California.

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