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Robb Wagner

Robb Wagner, a pioneering Experiential Media Artist with 25 years in the industry, has revolutionized how brands like Disney, Viacom, and YouTube use media to blend fantasy with reality. His commitment to disruptive innovation is the cornerstone of his success.

As CEO of Stimulated-Inc., the creative studio he founded in 2005, Robb excels in crafting diverse entertainment solutions. His unique approach to cross-sector adaptation has led to notable achievements, including producing media content for 50 video screens at the MTV Video Music Awards, producing Michael Jackson’s 3D concert, and teaming up with Spike Jonze as Producer of the live-cinema experiment, YouTube Music Awards.

Robb’s career is defined by his eagerness to challenge conventional norms and embrace risk and novelty, always seeking to venture down less-traveled paths. He finds growth and inspiration in discomfort, skillfully approaching mega-scale, groundbreaking projects with radical thinking and unwavering determination.

Dedicated to constant evolution, Robb remains at the vanguard of creativity, using his work as a vehicle for impactful change. Beyond entertainment, he’s a passionate, creative activist, dedicating time to environmental initiatives like R90 Soccer and democratic movements like Elect Good People, using his creativity for meaningful discourse and action.

In Robb’s words, leading Stimulated-Inc. is an extraordinary journey of boundless creativity, breaking norms, and fostering a collaborative environment. It transcends a mere job; it’s a significant part of his life, a canvas for his art, and a form of rebellion.

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”It’s rare that you come across a company like Stimulated-Inc. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Robb Wagner and his team for seven years now at Carnival Cruise Line. I think the true testament of what Robb does is in the compliments we get night after night from our guests.”
-Sarah Beth Reno, VP Entertainment, Carnival Cruise Line

“Robb’s a true theatre magician. How he imagines what is possible onstage between live action and video image is remarkable and uniquely inventive.  How he creates images, his vast knowledge of video resources and animation possibility completely changed our shows from fun & engaging to one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences.  He’s imaginative, smart, super practical and best of all – a terrific collaborator. He’s out for the best production possible, and that’s what we have at because of his work.”
– Peter Flynn, Creator/Director, Playlist Productions

“Robb – You really facilitated our crazy dreams.”
– Chris Milk, Co-Director, YouTube Music Awards

“Robb – I want to tell you again how much I appreciate the incredible and loving investment you and everyone you invited on to our project made. It has been such a privilege. I have all along appreciated your openness and willingness to do everything within your ability to serve Michael and I at the highest level. You accomplished this in spades. Please take every opportunity that you have to thank your Staff and all the Creative Team on my behalf for an outstanding job.“
– Kenny Ortega, Director, Michael Jackson’s This Is It