So. You have a rabbit in a hat.

And you’re ready


to show it to the world.

But what if we told you that rabbit could actually become a giant ring of fire, a roaring tiger, 
or a new digital experience on a global platform? Or heck, maybe all three. Experiential Transformation means we take your brand’s existing assets and transform them into something that people have simply never experienced before.

Our visionary, Robb Wagner, uses innovation and high-level creative solutions to add even more value to the magic you already have. All, for experiences that stimulate the senses, evoke emotion and ultimately transform into something entirely new.

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Augmented Reality

Clients arrive at Stimulated-Inc with a question. Is this possible? Is there something bigger we can do here? How do we add even more value to what we’ve already built? And, most importantly, where do we begin? If you’ve heard no before, then, you’ve come to the right place. With Robb Wagner, the answer isn’t just yes. It’s yes and here’s how. And breaking the rules is not only possible. It’s advisable.


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Robb Wagner

Robb Wagner is an experiential artist, whose creative breakthroughs have raised the bar on big and small screens. He spearheaded P. Diddy’s virtual duet with the late Notorious B.I.G., imagined the live direction of Disney’s Hannah Montana 3D Film, and led the production of Michael Jackson’s This Is It 3D Tour.

Intertwining fantasy and reality, Robb’s real magic sauce is to forecast emerging technologies and call on them in the right creative moment.

This ability to innovate, design, direct, and produce his own work has helped Robb solidify long-lasting industry relationships and build the right teams to get these radical jobs done. And as a result, Robb’s interactive visuals span fourteen years of cultural moments, like the Academy Awards, The Foo Fighters Concert, and the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, alongside Spike Jonze.

Throughout, Robb’s aim is to create a bridge between imagination and reality and collaborate on partnerships where the ask is simple: How can we do something that’s never been done before?

Member: Directors Guild of America