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Experiential media artist Robb Wagner founded Stimulated-Inc. to break boundaries and foster extraordinary creativity, turning dreams into realities. In this innovative hub, disruption fuels progress. Robb’s methods have triumphed in TV, concerts, film, and live digital entertainment for nineteen years. 

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Work backward

Start with the outcome

Reverse engineer the path

Stimulated-Inc. embraces a forward-thinking, backward-working methodology. We start with the end in mind, reverse-engineering our way to craft custom media experiences uniquely suited to each vision. Shunning conventional, off-the-shelf solutions, we strive to innovate at every step, ensuring every project is not just completed, but uniquely realized.

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Stimulated-Inc. blends the expertise of a consultancy with the flair of a creative production studio. Renowned for pioneering ‘Hyper-Experiential Video Content’ and Experiential Transformations, Stimulated-Inc. has been at the forefront of merging innovative video content with real-world settings since 2005, significantly influencing various major entertainment genres and captivating audiences.

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