Creative Activism at Stimulated-Inc.

Stimulated-Inc. continues its dedication to creative activism, with an update from CEO Robb Wagner spotlighting our expanded scope, including new experiential and digital content initiatives amplifying social causes.


“Elect Good People” Voter Education Project: Taking a stand for informed democracy.

Down-ballot candidates receive the least votes in every election, yet they play some of the most critical roles in our communities. It’s time that we know who we are voting for. Stimulated-Inc. helps people get to know inspiring Democratic candidates, learn about down-ballot voting, and confidently vote for a better future.

Robb emphasizes the transformative potential of experiential activism, inspired by his wife Pam’s fulfillment in purpose-driven work.

“We’re using our experiential transformation model to be even more active and make a bigger impact,” Robb explained.

Success Stories:

Stimulated-Inc.’s “Refill90” Plastic-Free Hydration Project: Challenging big-brands and winning.

Staying hydrated shouldn’t pollute our fields, harm our health or threaten our planet. Stimulated-Inc. works with soccer leagues, clubs, teams and organizations to ‘Protect The Pitch’™ and our planet from single-use plastic pollution. Our goal is for everyone on the pitch to have a refillable bottle and water and make sustainability fun.

“When we saw people choose our Refill90 ‘Free Water’ experience over a major sports drink experience with millions in marketing behind it, we quickly realized that we were connecting with people more meaningfully,” Robb said. 

With social good in their DNA, it’s only fitting that another Wagner lends her muscle to this latest charge as Stimulated-Inc.’s Director of Creative Activism.

Cleo Wagner, a communications pro who graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2019, focuses on the development of five core activism-based areas of focus:

  • Sharing down-ballot voting information
  • Including young people in the climate conversation
  • Curbing plastic pollution
  • Reinventing charitable gifting
  • Using art to inspire change

Tapping her expertise in storytelling, she is also instrumental in engaging with like-minded people who want to join forces and make a real impact.

“I have always wanted to use my words and ideas to help inspire others to get involved in creating change, but until now, I didn’t know quite how to do it,” Cleo said. “Being Director of Creative Activism at Stimulated is exciting because it allows me to channel my passions and energy into a force for good that will lead to real, palpable impacts on the world.”

“Adding Cleo to the team not only gives us a creative talent that can help us communicate with all generations, but one that can also speak authentically from a young perspective. That’s important for our younger audiences,” Robb added. “We started six years ago by diving head-first into purpose-based work and we’re still diving today.”