The Stimulated Method changed my life.

I wrote my book so you can change yours.

By Robb Wagner

I was caught in a relentless storm, a raging river of projects that felt like a never-ending battle, scaling mountains of inefficient, costly, exhausting work. Sleepless nights, family dinners a distant memory – a relentless grind that left me gasping for air. Drowning in the chaos of creative work management, my life was consumed by a flood of stress and deadlines.

Then, 2009’s Great Recession ended, and the world roared back, insatiable, craving new content. What should’ve been a victory lap turned into a nightmare. A large interactive project presented itself, an opportunity bigger than programming 50 video screens for MTV’s VMAs or crafting 3D visuals for Michael Jackson’s tour. But it was beyond my studio’s capabilities. I needed talents buried in far corners of the globe, like Eastern Europe. This wasn’t just a problem – it was an insurmountable obstacle.

Old ways had failed me. Traditional solutions were dead ends. I faced a choice: lose a key client or ask for more time and money that simply didn’t exist? Locked in a conference room, wrestling with my dyslexia, my mind’s eye began to wander into the unknown, conjuring up radical possibilities.

I envisioned a global search for specialized artists who could create exactly what was needed, overseen by my in-house team, assembling the pieces into a final masterpiece. The birth of something new, a radical work method built from pure innovation, paving the way for hybrid creative work at scale. No longer just a term for cars, ‘hybrid’ became my battle cry.

I jumped into the mosh pit, embracing the chaos of my post-punk youth, not knowing if success or massive failure awaited me. But I had the knowledge, the expertise. I had memories of designing creative workflow solutions for giants like Universal Studios. The path was laid out in my mind, a technological roadmap that would bring everything together.

We found our specialized artists, built our software and organized our project into easily manageable jobs. We gave artists everything they needed, down to the last detail, without a single Skype call. And then, the magic happened.

The chaos began to settle. Great work flowed in. My life changed. Dinners at home. Soccer matches with the kids. Sleep-filled nights. A revolutionary method had saved my sanity, boosting profits while slashing stress and overhead. My method wasn’t just a better way; it was the only way.

For years, I tried to share this revelation, but the world wasn’t ready. Then COVID-19 hit, and suddenly, my playbook was a lifeline. I poured my knowledge into “The Stimulated Method,” a manifesto for a new era, a guide for scaling creativity, controlling budgets, mastering hybrid work, and navigating global paradigm shifts.

I didn’t just invent this hybrid method; I wielded it as a weapon to transform my world. From exhaustion and despair, I found balance, happiness, and success. That’s what “The Stimulated Method” can do for you.

Live your best creative work-life. Embrace the chaos. Ignite the revolution. #TheStimulatedMethod #EmbraceChaos #CreativeRevolution