Stimulated-Inc.‘s Robb Wagner is Redefining Live TV Experiences

AUGUST 10, 2021

​Since 2005, Robb Wagner, through his creative studio, Stimulated-Inc., has produced high-level creative solutions for global brands such as Disney, ViacomCBS and YouTube, among many others.

These solutions include raising a giant-sized head of Peter Dinklage up through a virtual lake for the Spike Scream Awards and creating live music videos in real time for such artists as Eminem, Lady Gaga and Arcade Fire with Spike Jonze for the YouTube Music Awards using Live Cinema technology. Stimulated-Inc. also has worked with Carnival Cruise Lines to create immersive multiple media entertainment live on stage and with the Foo Fighters to design dynamic LED screen content for the band’s concert tour.

Prior to the pandemic, Stimulated-Inc. had already created a remote workforce and systems to efficiently run workflow across a distributed network of multimedia artists. This summer, Stimulated-Inc. released Stimulated.Works, a workflow solution that helps in-house creative teams scale their digital asset creation, including animation, motion, development and design. The solution is intended to help creative teams work more efficiently and flexibly as work becomes untethered from brick-and-mortar offices.

In today’s episode, Wagner talks about some of the cool experiential projects he’s done recently, how he and his team functioned during the pandemic, and how he’s sharing those lessons learned with the industry.

Listen to the conversation here:

Republished from The Daily Brief