Stimulated-Inc. Instead

Stimulated-Inc. is the creative studio that hyper-transforms media content to create new experiences

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   A TV movie becomes a global concert series
    A TV Disney tour becomes a 3D feature film
  An award show becomes live-streaming music videos
Michael Jackson becomes a 3D concert event
What could your experience become?
Stimulated-Inc. Instead


Instead of ephemeral

Our hyper-emotional media content makes every experience memorable

2D + 3D Development + Design + Animation + Motion + Production + Consulting

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Instead of stagnant

We hyper-transform your existing brand assets into something people have simply never experienced before

Your hyper-transformation starts here.

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Hyper-Hybrid Creative Operations

Software + Methodology + Talent + Consulting

Our creative operations solutions transform how media content is made and the lives of those who make it.

Instead of jumping around between sites all day long

Find all of your creative work and communication in one place

Stimulated.Works — The SaaS for Creative Studios

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Instead of endlessly chasing after freelancers

Plug turnkey artists into your creative studio or agency

The Stimulated.Works Talent Plug-In

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Instead of managing artists

Get high-quality 2D/3D work from talented artists that we manage for you

Stimulated Works Artists

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Instead of working yourself into exhaustion

Start living your best creative work-life

The Stimulated Method

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Stimulated-Inc. Originals


The immersive experience about the human condition

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Juice Punch

The first-ever animated music festival

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Creative Activism

Our passion projects

Creative Activism at Stimulated-Inc. begins with our connections with you. Our goal is to connect with individuals who imagine the world in new ways, brands that aim to give back, and organizations that are fighting for progress.


Staying hydrated shouldn’t pollute our fields, harm our health, or threaten our planet.

Refill90 works with soccer leagues, clubs teams and organizations to ‘Protect The Pitch’ from single-use plastic pollution. Our goal is for everyone on and off the field to have a refillable bottle and water.

Elect Good People

We think it’s time to elect leaders who are good people. Don’t you?

Elect Good People aims to make sure that we always vote and encourage others to do the same. And not just for the big shiny positions like the president, senate, and congress. But even more importantly — we need to vote all the way down the ballot. We showcase down-ballot candidates and promote them across media.