Instead of being lost in the crowd

Transform your existing brand assets into something that people have never experienced before.

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Instead of making content for video screens 

Create an experience on video screens.

experiential video content

Instead of a static retail entertainment experience

Create dynamic retail experiences.

experiential retail


Stimulated-Inc. Originals


The immersive experience about the human condition.

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Juice Punch

The first-ever animated music festival.

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Stimulated-Inc. Creative Operations Solutions

Transforming the way content is made and the lives of the people who make it.

Instead of jumping around between sites all day long

Radically change how creative work gets done.

Instead of endlessly chasing after freelancers

Easily plug artists into your creative studio or agency. talent plug-in

Instead of sourcing and instructing artists all day long

Easily work with artists you don’t need to find or manage.

production force

Instead of working yourself into exhaustion

Start living your best creative work-life.

the stimulated method


Founded by Robb Wagner in 2005, Stimulated-Inc. is the creative studio that helps brands hyper-transform their experience, often by using content in radical new ways.


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