Create your retail entertainment future

Hyper-experiential retail, entertainment and dining

Gain a competitive edge in experiential retail, entertainment and dining with flexible entertainment infrastructures, creative freedom, and IP ownership. — For commercial real estate developers.

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Don’t leave emotions on the table

Hyper-Experiential Content Creation

Produce media content to stimulate the audience’s emotions deeply. — For entertainment, hospitality & retail.

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Pictured above: “Humanity” — A Stimulated-Inc. original featuring the award-winning images of Steve McCurry



Extract value from every creative buck

Premium production services featuring Studios United

Receive high-value 2D/3D creative production services that address many high-stakes challenges. — For elite brands.

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Live your best creative work life

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Get back the life you’ve been missing out on for years. — For creative stakeholders in large organizations.

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Go beyond consulting

Creative Partnering

Don’t work with a consultant but a partner, someone who understands you and walks beside you. — For creative stakeholders struggling to keep up.

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   A TV movie becomes a global concert series
    A TV Disney tour becomes a 3D feature film
  An award show becomes live-streaming music videos
Michael Jackson becomes a 3D concert event
What could your experience become?


Live your beliefs

Creative Activism

At Stimulated-Inc., weekends aren’t for idling but for championing vital causes like environmental protection and voting education.

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Refill90 Soccer

Staying hydrated shouldn’t pollute our fields, harm our health or threaten our planet. Stimulated-Inc. works with soccer leagues, clubs, teams and organizations to ‘Protect The Pitch’™ and our planet from single-use plastic pollution. Our goal is for everyone on the pitch to have a refillable bottle and water and make sustainability fun.

Elect Good People

Down-ballot candidates receive the least votes in every election, yet they play some of the most critical roles in our communities. It’s time that we know who we are voting for. Stimulated-Inc. helps people get to know inspiring Democratic candidates, learn about down-ballot voting, and confidently vote for a better future.