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The world is changing at an accelerated pace. Faculty work hard over every break to keep up with the freshest thinking and teaching. At the same time, students are about to embark on a creative career where jobs will be in-house, remote or work-from-home. Students are confident and feel they are about to invent the future.

There’s only one thing missing from the equation.

Real-world hybrid creative work knowledge and practice.

Stimulated Learn™ is a supplemental education program that includes workshops, bespoke software and ongoing master guidance. We help faculty prepare students to transition into the post-pandemic creative work world, and send graduates off with the hybrid work skills they can use to reach their highest potential.

What’s included:

1. Methodology Workshop

Get a two-day in-person workshop for students and faculty taught by Stimulated-Inc. founder, Robb Wagner.

Robb’s creative breakthroughs have raised the bar on big and small screens. He spearheaded P. Diddy’s virtual duet with the late Notorious B.I.G., imagined the live direction of Disney’s Hannah Montana 3D Film, led the production of Michael Jackson’s This Is It 3D Tour, and produced the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, alongside Spike Jonze.

For the past 10 years, Robb has used his hybrid method to produce large-scale projects for such recognized brands as Disney, Viacom, Foo Fighters and Carnival Cruise Line, among others.

Robb’s hybrid creative playbook, “The Stimulated Method” (Amazon Kindle and Apple Books) boils down 10 years of knowledge, insights, rules and counterintuitive mindset shifts gained through his own hybrid experience working on real-world, seven-figure creative projects.

Workshop Day #1 – Learn a methodology for thriving as a creative in the hybrid world.

  • Learn best practices for keeping up with the demand for digital creative assets.
  • Achieve a higher level of creative work using fewer resources and less effort overall.
  • Gain more control over budgets and schedules with formulas for remote work budgeting that accurately estimate and control hybrid work costs and timelines.
  • Find out how to vet the specialists that will save time, protect budgets and help drive success.
  • Learn how to create bulletproof remote job briefs, the first step toward mastering hybrid creative work at scale.
  • Discover why a system to automate assets, links, information and communication will increase productivity among in-house teams and remote artists alike when they are no longer mired in the repetition of tedious workflow management.
  • Understand how mastering hybrid creative work helps navigate global paradigm shifts like an economic downturn or a pandemic.

Workshop Day #2 – Learn how to apply the methodology using our software.

2. Software

Get your own instance of Stimulated.Works™ software for students to use as a real-world production tool.

Students use the software to source creative assets from other students. At the same time, they test and sharpen their abilities to write and follow creative briefs.

3. Ongoing guidance

Get ongoing guidance for faculty and students from Stimulated Method Masters.

Stimulated Learn™ has a clearly defined set of roles and rituals that should be followed.

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