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You come home from a long workday filled with repetitive, tedious tasks. Sourcing talent, managing multiple projects, being pulled in different directions. It feels like you’ve been spending almost all your waking hours either at a desk, a screen, or on the phone. Then you realize—you have to do this all over again tomorrow. And the next day.

It’s time for a change, but you aren’t sure what to do. 

This is where you start.

You need to make a fundamental mindset shift towards the way you approach your creative job.

Flip the emphasis to preparation. Instead of doing hard work throughout the entire project, hyper-focus more of your effort into the beginning of the process. Answer every question a creative studio or artist may have before it even needs to be asked. Leave no room for “What ifs” or “We’ll sees” in your job brief.

You now get to let go of that project and let talent do what they do best. In the meantime, you now have more time to accomplish whatever you want. Congratulations, you’ve made the first step towards living your best creative work-life. 

It feels good. That’s exactly why I wrote “The Stimulated Method”. Ten years ago, I saw my creative work-life transform when I created a methodology and developed a system that allows me to easliy work with specialized talent from anywhere in the world. I no longer had to go through the exhausting work of seeking out artists, communicating through different time zones, and having this eat up all of my time and attention.

After implementing my methodology, suddenly, I wasn’t being pulled in different directions all day. My time belonged to me again— and I got to choose when to take a few minutes to review work and give written feedback. 

Adopting this hybrid business model gave me back the life I had been missing out on for years. And now, with everything happening in the world, it feels like a good time to share it with others. There is a better work-life balance out there for you, and once you feel how transformative it is, you will never look back. 

My book began as a simple manuscript, and now I am proud to say it is a fully developed guide for in-house creative teams at global companies to scale their animation, motion, development and design using my hybrid model. 

My goal for “The Stimulated Method” is to pass on the knowledge, insights, rules, and counterintuitive mindset shifts I have gained through my 10 years of real-world experience doing hybrid creative work for global brands.

After years of being overworked and exhausted from my creative job, I discovered a balance that improved my life tremendously. That’s what I hope “The Stimulated Method” does for you.

Robb Wagner, Author, “The Stimulated Method”

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Learn the best practices for keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for digital marketing, advertising, and communications assets. Take away the knowledge that will let you achieve a higher level of creative work using fewer resources and less effort overall.

Learn how to gain more control over your budgets and schedules. Get the formulas for remote work budgeting and accurately estimate and control your hybrid work costs and timelines.

Learn how to pick and choose the specialists that will save your company time, help protect your budgets, and help drive creative success.

Learn how to rethink your workflow and make your hybrid creative process hum. The Stimulated Method boils down 10 years of knowledge, insights, rules and counterintuitive mindset shifts gained through working on real-world hybrid creative projects for global companies.

Counterintuitive mindset shift—Stop assigning work to creatives.

When you let creative studios and artists choose the work they want to do, you will get better work.

Learn how to create bulletproof remote job briefs, your first step toward mastering hybrid creative work at scale. Creating a remote job brief is a pass/fail test. Getting it right sets up creative studios and artists to exceed your expectations. Getting it wrong sets them, and you, up for failure.

Learn why a system to automate assets, links, information, and communication will increase productivity among in-house teams and remote talent alike when they are no longer mired in the repetition of tedious workflow management.

I also share one important story illustrating how hybrid creative work can benefit companies in volatile times. Adopting hybrid creative work will help your company navigate global paradigm shifts like an economic downturn or a pandemic.

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“Anyone attempting truly ambitious, creative work – produced remotely, at scale – will tell you it’s impossible. The Stimulated Method by veteran Robb Wagner proves otherwise.”
– Joel Pilger
Global Consultant to Creative Studios

“My favorite benefit of The Stimulated Method is being more creative. If you do hybrid right, you can spend all your time being creative. Doing it the old way, once the job brief was done, all the hard work was about to begin… finding the right talent, scheduling them, making the deals, explaining the job, setting up the folders, finding links to the work, missed communications. Lost time.”
“Live your best creative work life.” - Robb Wagner