Robb Wagner

25 years in entertainment transformation — 25 years of MLS.

Career Highlights:

  • Producer on live broadcast specials and award shows for MTV and VH1.
  • Founded Stimulated-Inc. in 2005 to lead the video screen content space.
  • Developed new video workflows for live broadcast events.
  • Was a lead creative on award shows including the MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, ESPN ESPY Awards, Academy Awards and Emmy Awards.
  • Live-directed Disney’s Hannah Montana 3D Concert Film (DGA).
  • Segment Directed branded interactive dance segments for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.
  • Production company for Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ 3D Concert (3D film and video).
  • Developed and produced interactive video content for major concert tours. Concert clients included Disney, Pussycat Dolls, Foo Fighters and numerous major performing artists.
  • Took my company hybrid 10 years ago.
  • 12 years developing and producing interactive, experiential video content for the world’s largest cruise line.
  • Specialist in erasing the line between the virtual and physical worlds.
  • Recently published author in Adweek, AdAge, Builtin and Thrive Global.
  • Recently wrote a playbook for running a futureproof hybrid creative studio.
  • Developed Stimulated.Works, the SaaS for creative studios.
  • Currently manage a Production Force of more than 150 digital artists and a Studio Force of creative studios.
  • Founder of Refill90, protecting soccer fields from single-use plastic.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve spent my family time attending MLS matches, Concacaf matches, international matches and my kids’ club matches. We’ve had MLS season tickets since 1998 and have traveled frequently over the years to take in MLS and Concacaf matches. I’ve attended hundreds of MLS matches and have watched even more on broadcast.

Being a lifelong Angelino, when LAFC was announced we knew we found our true home team. We took up season seats at the Banc and befriended the front office.

I’m excited about the MLS move to Apple and I send my congratulations to MLS and Apple.

Our creative studio is based in El Segundo, CA and we work globally. We would absolutely love to work with you and help you score your goals.

Thank You!


Ford Wagner

24 years on Earth — 24 years of MLS.

Personal & Career Highlights:

  • Selected by the Qatar 2022 Fan Leader Delegation to attend the 2022 World Cup as an ambassador for the United States.
  • Editor at Stimulated-Inc.
  • Co-Founder of Barra 76, officially sanctioned US Soccer supporters’ group.
  • Content creator for LAFC’s 3252, For Soccer Ventures (FSV), Venice Beach Football Club, Jimmy Conrad, Expo Originals, The Association and Refill90.
  • Co-Founder Expo Originals, LAFC’s first supporters’ group.

My earliest memories are of soccer. Growing up all I wanted to do was play and watch soccer. I played soccer all my life in AYSO, High School, and at the club level. I collected jerseys, scarves, and memorabilia from all of my favorite teams, and I am still building that collection to this day. After injuries halted me from playing soccer competitively, I immersed myself in what I had left: Supporter Culture. I have traveled the world and been to matches with clubs such as Manchester United, Celtic, Borussia Dortmund, Venezia, PSG, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Fulham.

I started working at Stimulated-Inc. in my sophomore year of high school at 16. I was brought in as a video editor and never looked back. After years of countless projects, I gained a great love for content creation. Expanding my content-creating abilities, I picked up graphic design. Having these skill sets allowed me to make content for Expo Originals, LAFC’s 3252, For Soccer Ventures (FSV), Jimmy Conrad, Venice Beach Football Club, and The Association.

At the age of 16, I got involved with LAFC at their birth. As soon as I heard the announcement that a new MLS franchise was coming to Los Angeles, I jumped in and got season tickets in the supporters’ section. I was the youngest among the active supporters, but I still got close with everyone involved inside the club as well as the supporters. Because of this, I was invited to early stadium design meetings, where LAFC asked us for our input on what the supporters’ section should look like. A group of LAFC fans, along with myself, started LAFC’s first supporters’ group born specifically for LAFC called Expo Originals. I have been in the group’s leadership since then. I constantly follow the team on away days, and never miss home games. I am so passionate about LAFC, so I put them on my skin.

I have followed United States National Teams all my life. I have traveled all over the country following the U.S. through World Cup qualifiers, Gold Cup, Nations League, finals, and friendlies. In 2018, myself and some other U.S. fans in LA wanted to be more involved in the supporter culture for the U.S. Instead of joining an existing group, we started a new group called Barra 76. We wanted the group to be a voice for those who did not feel represented by the existing supporter groups, as well as a home to anyone who wanted to join. Since then Barra 76 has skyrocketed and we have opened chapters all across the country. It is because of Barra 76 that myself and a fellow leader have been selected by the Qatar 2022 Fan Leader Delegation to attend the 2022 World Cup as ambassadors for the United States and their supporters.