2023 cruise ship case study: Sensory Apocalypse

Welcome to the savage wonderland of Hyper-Experiential Video™, only aboard the world’s freshest titan of the seas, brought to you by the wild minds at Stimulated-Inc. Brace yourself as we throw you into a 100-foot x 30-foot LED coliseum, an illusion so gigantic it devours reality whole.

We’re not just inviting you; we’re daring you to gawk at our virtual visual mayhem, electrifying virtual lighting, and explosive virtual pyrotechnics, all barbarically synced with live warriors performing on the ground, in the air, in your very soul. The lines between real and surreal? Annihilated. Your grip on the mundane? Obliterated.

Stimulated-Inc. doesn’t just ‘create’; we tear open the fabric of the ordinary, we unleash chaos in the name of entertainment, where your wildest nightmares and fantasies collide in a relentless spectacle.

Buckle up for a wild ride where laws of physics crumble, where reason takes a backseat, and where the extraordinary is the only rule. Get ready to be thrown, mind-first, into a new age of Hyper-Experiential Video. Dive in, if you dare, and watch the unimaginable future of live entertainment erupt right before your very eyes!


18 years of relentless video rebellion

Transforming the game for the titans of TV, concerts, film, and cruise lines since 2005. We don’t follow; we disrupt.

A Video Screen mutates into Virtual Night Club madness

Video Screen And Stage Collide in Fierce Fusion 

Physical scenery explodes into the virtual realm

Live Action and Screen Content without boundaries

Video-mapped screens erupt from a lake of fire

A Retail Space morphs into an entertainment arena

Foo Fighters rock raw video screen energy

The King of Pop conducts a 3D fusion of visuals and music

Cruise ships converge tech, artistry, and innovation



The raw force of feeling:  Unleashing a shockwave with Hyper-Experiential Video

By Robb Wagner

In this restless digital jungle, where minds wander and rivals scrap for every glance, emotion isn’t just a tool; it’s the weapon that cuts through the noise. Your brand isn’t just fighting for attention; it’s waging a battle for hearts, for guts, for soul. And the battleground? Video. Here’s how you don’t just play this game but dominate it, seizing control of emotions that don’t just resonate but reverberate.

The Grit Behind Emotional Warfare

We’re wired for feeling. Rage, joy, sorrow, thrill – these aren’t just feelings; they’re the sinew and substance of our very being. The science is there, the proof, that what hits the heart hits home. Video, used right, doesn’t just tap into emotion; it unlocks it.

Studies don’t lie: Emotion is the dynamite that triggers memory, shares, action. From a chuckle to a chill, video’s power to evoke and provoke is unmatched.

The Shockwave of Emotional Video

Picture this: Your customers, hit by a wave of video that goes straight for the gut. Maybe it’s an image that makes the heart swell, a message that sends shivers down the spine, or visuals that drop jaws. That’s not just connection; that’s electric shock, and it translates to undying brand loyalty, sky-high engagement, and conversion rates that roar.

Emotionally charged video isn’t playing; it’s:

Forging Bonds: Make them feel, and they’ll cling to your brand like a lifeline. Seizing Memory: When your video thrills, it sticks – your brand rising above the cacophony. Amping Engagement: Strike a raw nerve, and watch them come alive, share, respond. Proving You’re Real: Authentic emotion, raw and true, wins trust, builds belief.

Weidling Emotions: The Art of Video Rebellion

Crafting video that thrills isn’t a science; it’s an art, a strategy, a revolution:

Know Their Heartbeat: Get inside their heads, feel what they feel, then hit them where it counts. Weave Tales that Awe: Forget stories; create sagas and odysseys that awaken the primal emotions. Be the Truth: Fake doesn’t cut it. Your emotions must bleed reality, or they’ll see right through.

In this wild, relentless age of digital madness, the brands that roar are those that don’t just capture but enrapture. With video content crafted to stir, shake, and shock the core, you’re not just connecting; you’re imprinting your brand on their psyche. It’s more than marketing; it’s a battle cry, a rallying call to your tribe. If you’re ready to transcend mere success and ascend to domination, the path is clear: Embrace the raw, untamed art of emotional video. Let them feel your brand’s pulse. Let it echo. Let it resonate. Let it become legend.

“Let’s talk about unleashing your brand’s inner-video beast.” — Robb Wagner

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