Stimulated-Inc.’s Hyper-Experiential Content Creation is more than just ordinary media production; it’s a fusion of vision and innovation developed over 19 years in various major entertainment genres. Our creations are an alchemy of inspiration, drawing from our vast experiences in TV, concerts, film, and digital entertainment, including significant projects like the MTV Video Music Awards, Disney tours, the Academy Awards, and concerts by Michael Jackson and the Foo Fighters. When we work on your project, it benefits from this rich history, inheriting a legacy of excellence and elevating your experience with our unique, multi-dimensional Hyper-Hybrid content. Why settle for the ordinary when Stimulated-Inc. offers an extraordinary media experience?

Video Screen And Stage Collide in Powerful Convergence 

Video-mapped screens erupt from a lake of fire

The King of Pop conducts a 3D fusion of visuals and music

Foo Fighters rock raw video screen energy

Live Action and Screen Content without boundaries

A retail space becomes an entertainment venue


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An immersive exploration of Life and Existence, Rich and Unfiltered

A Stimulated-Inc. original featuring the award-winning photographs of Steve McCurry — Created, written and directed by Robb Wagner

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