What makes an immersive experience different?


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Humanity is a radical transformation of immersive entertainment. It tells a spellbinding narrative through the award-winning images of Steve McCurry, immersive environments, a sweeping musical score, and a multi-dimensional soundscape. By allowing people to experience the lives of others, Humanity creates a shift in perspective, evokes empathy for extreme human conditions, and emphasizes the oneness within all of us. The story includes heart-wrenching moments of war, disasters, and poverty, yet it also shows the spark of hope within all people. Ultimately, Humanity delivers a powerful message of unity, hope and optimism in a world that needs it more than ever.

Humanity is more than a story told through images. It is an experience that allows people to transcend the boundaries of their realities, letting them feel what it is like to live the life of others they would never otherwise cross paths with.

People will leave Humanity with a shift in their perspective on the world. A perspective that can only be gained from taking a personal journey through a spellbinding, emotionally charged narrative that transports hearts and minds to far away places.

Through its 3 acts and 18 individual movements, Humanity sets out to elicit empathy for the most extreme ends of the human condition. It tells a story in which humanity, Earth and the animal world are pushed to their absolute limits. Brutal War, natural and man-made disasters, unimaginable poverty. These heart-wrenching moments are where the oneness that is within all of us as human beings is truly palpable and present.

By contrast, Humanity also shows us that even during these desolate, deeply low points—there is a stubborn spark of hope within all people that allows them to find the strength to rebuild their lives, families, and communities. It is at this point in the Chroma narrative when we realize that on this planet, all we truly have to lean on is each other.

Designed to be transformative, deeply emotional, and unifying in a time when we need it the most, Humanity will stand as a powerful reminder that we are all human, we are all one, and we will always come back stronger when we fall.

In the end, the Humanity narrative uplifts audiences with positivity, optimism and hope, in a world where those emotions can be hard to feel.