2023 cruise ship case study

Enjoy an incredible and unparalleled experience with Hyper-Experiential Entertainment™ on the world’s largest cruise ship. Our guests are treated to a stunning virtual circus tent that goes beyond what you’d see in real life, displayed on a massive 100-foot x 30-foot LED screen. You’ll be amazed by the mind-blowing virtual visual effects, breathtaking virtual lighting, and impressive virtual pyrotechnics perfectly synchronized with live performers onstage and in the air. You won’t be able to tell what’s real and virtual, but it won’t matter – the experience is so captivating that you’ll be fully immersed. Get ready to discover a world where anything is possible with Hyper-Experiential Entertainment!

A Video Screen Becomes A Virtual Night Club

A Video Screen Seamlessly Merges With A Stage 

Physical Scenery Extends Into The Virtual World

Live Action Seamlessly Integrates into Screen Content

A Projection Mapped Video Screen Rises Out Of a Lake

A Retail Space Becomes a Transfortainment Venue

Foo Fighters Concert Tours

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

The World’s Largest Cruise Line