Emotional Connection Solutions for Shopping Centers

How do you get local consumers back to shopping centers and reengaged in a meaningful way?

Our solution is to create Commotions. Of course, by Commotions, we mean Community Emotions.

Commotions are shareworthy digital and in-person activations that create emotional connections between shopping centers and local consumers. They transform your shopping center’s marketing and visual experience in a way that creates a collective heartbeat within a community… a way that inspires, motivates and brings joy to people, who are then far more likely to increase their visits and dwell time – all without the space-prohibitive footprint of traditional activations.

Commotions are powered by the same proprietary methods, processes and platforms used to help transform experiences for the world’s biggest and best entertainment and hospitality companies over the past 16 years.

These turn-key emotional connection solutions are offered by Stimulated-Inc., a leading source of experiential transformation for entertainment and hospitality. We help the world’s best entertainment and hospitality companies create exciting new experiences and make emotional connections between real people and their brands.

If you’re ready to create a commotion at your shopping center, we’d absolutely love to work with you.

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Our shopping center commotions…

Creator commotions

Become an art center that showcases work from local creators

Art is the ultimate storyteller. It is a universal language that transcends cultures, religions, ethnicities or languages. It reaches to the extreme depths of the human experience that we all share. Simply put, art is the ever-lasting link that connects us all.

Transform your shopping center into a connection-creating art center that showcases the work of local creators in your community. Tap into the oneness within us all and build an experience that unifies artists and art lovers alike. Get authentic recognition by your local creator community for your contribution to its artists and economy.


Charity commotions

Show people your values by spotlighting deserving causes

As social consciousness has elevated, consumers now care just as much about a brand’s purpose as they do about its products. Purpose has become the 5th “P” of Marketing (with Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

Transform your shopping center into a shopping and giving center that supports the causes that are important to your community members. Gain new appreciation from the people around you for your contribution to the movements that work to improve their lives and create a better future for them all.


Youth commotions

help empower young people to become a force for change

Young people live in a world full of environmental problems they did not create; and they are ready to tackle them head on. Our youth have ideas that can inspire solutions to the environmental issues that affect us all—they just need a way to get them out to the world.

Transform your shopping center into a media platform that helps amplify young people’s ideas and find solutions to environmental challenges. Be one of the first to give young voices the recognition and platform they need to change the world. Inspire young people and their families and become a connection point for brilliant minds to collaborate and learn from each other.

Youth Commotions are produced in partnership with, a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. This means a portion of your marketing spend is tax-deductible.





Future creator commotions

Help school children imagine a promising future

School children have big hopes and dreams that deserve to be seen, heard and shared.

Transform your shopping center into a hope and dream center where school children showcase their inspirational art for their friends and families to see. Become the hub for hopeful children and families that have been inspired by your center to envision a brighter future.


Athlete commotions

Make young athletes and teams into heroes

Sports help children develop physical skills, exercise their bodies, create connections, have fun, learn teamwork, learn fairness, and improve self-esteem.

Transform your shopping center into a stage that celebrates young athletes and the teams that support them to be the best versions of themselves. Set a stage that every athlete and team in your community aspires to land upon. Showcase the value of teamwork and individual effort and inspire a new generation of collaborative thinkers.


College commotions

Showcase local college students with world-changing ideas

College students everywhere are using their education and skills to come up with unique ways to change the world for the better. They are motivated to start revolutionary businesses, create social movements and invent the future.

Transform your shopping center into a showcase of locally born ideas that have the potential to reach around the entire globe. Provide students with a platform to be recognized and help them spread their ideas for making a positive impact on the world. Become a link that connects great minds and inspires innovative solutions.

College Commotions are produced in partnership with, a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. This means a portion of your marketing spend is tax-deductible.





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