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The ever-expanding reach of online shopping and streaming entertainment poses a pressing challenge to traditional American shopping centers.

In response to this challenge, experiential media artist and Stimulated-Inc. founder, Robb Wagner, has crafted Hyper-Experiential Retail™, an array of bespoke retail entertainment, F&B and activity concepts that ingeniously bend the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds.

Hyper-Experiential Bars™ — Replacing the disco ball with video to attract young consumers.

From television and film to streamed video, concerts and other live performances, Robb Wagner has been able to borrow principles from one sector and apply them to the next, tapping an often-counterintuitive approach and core mindset shifts as part of the process. As a result, his creative breakthroughs have shattered the bar on big and small screens, with each successful brand experience benefitting from the last.

Hyper-Experiential Restaurants™ — Raising the bar by adding content to the menu.

Now focused on shopping centers, Wagner understands that increasing dwell time and repeat business is mission-critical. He has designed his concepts around Stimulated-Inc.’s ability to refresh and adapt content, allowing people to enjoy these experiences repeatedly.

Hyper-Experiential Skating™Transforming ordinary activities into emotional connection engines.

The Magic Box™  — A mesmerizing brand experience that stops people in their tracks.

The Immersive Box™ — Creating branded immersive experiences anywhere.

With a track record of helping global entertainment and hospitality brands transform their experience using media in radically new ways, Wagner’s Hyper-Experiential Retail™ promises an unparalleled immersive experience that transcends conventional notions of experiential retail.

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“Over the past 18 years, I've worked with the world's biggest broadcasting networks, concert tours, film studios and cruise lines to help them transform their entertainment experiences. The results have been increased ratings, box offices, return business and customer satisfaction. Now I'm focused on shopping, retail and commercial centers."
“Hyper-Transform.” - Robb Wagner