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Rigid approaches risk entertainment success

For commercial real estate developers and F&B operators eager to break into entertainment, this transition demands specialized expertise, experience, and resources. To lead in the dynamic world of experiential retail, entertainment, and dining, embracing versatility, flexibility, and adaptability is essential. Success hinges on developing entertainment, experiences, and infrastructures that can evolve with changing market demands, consumer preferences, seasons, and even times of day. A rigid approach risks disengaging audiences and compromising relevance and success.

Creating your entertainment future

Developers and operators can now harness two decades of pioneering entertainment innovation to craft unique solutions that elevate visitor experiences and satisfaction. Our approach prioritizes creative freedom, IP ownership, and adaptable entertainment environments, empowering you to transform experiential retail, entertainment, and dining. Instead of licensing existing IPs, we help you develop exclusive content, giving you full control and flexibility. We blend unique combinations of talent and resources from our 20-year history of powering blockbuster projects for industry giants like Disney, Viacom, YouTube, and the world’s largest cruise line.

Our partnership

Instead of seeking tenancy —we’re here to do much more. Our mission is to collaborate with developers and operators, guiding you beyond your conventional roles. Together, we can help you strategically invest in crafting your unique entertainment future and transform spaces into vibrant, engaging, future-proof destinations.

Stimulated-Inc. is a creative studio with over two decades of expertise in revolutionizing entertainment for top-tier clients in television, concerts, film, and cruise lines. Our unique approach integrates cutting-edge techniques and resources from multiple industries to create extraordinary, content-rich entertainment experiences. By leveraging our holistic understanding and decades of cross-sector innovation, we deliver unmatched consumer experiences across every new industry we enter.

Partnering with multiple experts can take years, but with Stimulated-Inc., you gain instant access to an unparalleled collection of creative talent, technical expertise, and production resources. This one-stop solution offers a comprehensive, 360-degree suite of creative options to elevate your shopping center, bar, or restaurant.

Hyper-Experiential Entertainment

Hyper-Experiential Entertainment is created through unique fusions of TV, concert, film, stage, theme park, and cruise line innovation.

Our ‘Hyper-Experiential’ approach functions like a Swiss Army knife, leveraging our extensive experience across diverse entertainment genres to craft bespoke teams and strategies for each project. With this agile method, we delve into our vast toolbox to extract unique combinations of techniques, talent, and resources and fuse them together to create one-of-a-kind outcomes.

Our strategy ensures that every project is distinct and innovative. Unlike many creative solution providers who apply a one-size-fits-all solution to every challenge, we recognize that each client and project is unique and deserves a highly customized approach. By refusing to standardize creativity, we constantly innovate to advance our approach, empowering our clients to stand out and set new industry standards.

The importance of

Flexible entertainment infrastructures

These images showcase “Transfortainment,” an innovative concept from Stimulated-Inc. that utilizes a flexible entertainment infrastructure. Through advanced LED technology and custom content, this approach allows spaces to swiftly adapt or ‘switch’ themes, catering to varying audience tastes and the latest trends in real time. This adaptability ensures venues remain engaging and fresh, appealing to diverse audiences in today’s fast-paced consumer landscape.

With a flexible entertainment infrastructure that utilizes content and technology, spaces become highly adaptable, allowing for quick and easy transformations to meet specific programming needs. In this example, the same space is used for a pop-culture experience (above) and a cultural art experience (below).

This versatile setup can be ‘turned around’ seasonally, daily, or hourly, ensuring your space remains dynamic and aligned with current trends and events. hodical progression enhances project efficiency and alignment, allowing for flexibility and precision at each step.

The genesis of our deep dive into retail and F&B

In 2019, Robb Wagner, the founder of Stimulated-Inc., identified the retail, commercial real estate, and F&B as the next great sectors for groundbreaking entertainment. He articulated this idea in a visionary blog post right before the pandemic. Today, in the post-pandemic era, Robb and his team are leading the way, working with developers and operators to transform retail centers, bars, restaurants, and underutilized spaces into dynamic entertainment hubs.

Read Robb Wagner’s pre-pandemic blog about the future of entertainment in commercial real estate.

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“Over the past 20 years, I've worked with the world's biggest broadcasting networks, concert tours, film studios and cruise lines to help them transform their entertainment experiences. The results have been increased ratings, blockbuster box offices, return business and customer satisfaction. Now I'm focused on shopping, retail, F&B and commercial centers."
“Hyper-Transform.” - Robb Wagner