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Experiential Transformation

For shopping centers

The consensus is clear: retail spaces urgently need the next evolution of entertainment and experiences to attract and retain visitors, drive more frequent visits, and prolong engagement. This highlights the critical role of immersive entertainment and branding in transforming retail experiences.

Robb Wagner, CEO of Stimulated-Inc., leads the charge by applying high-level creative solutions from multiple entertainment industries to innovate within the retail sector. Having successfully adapted principles from television, film, concerts, and live events to other markets, Robb now applies his disruptive strategies to retail, ensuring each project benefits from his history of groundbreaking work.

Robb’s approach has already made a significant impact across multiple industries. His achievements include developing media content for the MTV Video Music Awards, revolutionizing LED concerts for Disney, producing 3D film and video for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour, and creating interactive entertainment for cruise line new builds. Each project has set new standards for entertainment experiences, bolstering confidence in his ability to transform retail spaces.

With a sharp focus on retail, Robb recognizes that increasing dwell time and repeat business is not just a goal but a mission-critical necessity. Leveraging Stimulated-Inc.’s expertise in developing, producing, refreshing, and adapting content, he designs immersive entertainment and branding strategies that encourage visitors to return and ensure they enjoy these experiences repeatedly. This urgency underscores the significance of these strategies in the retail sector.

“Over the past 19 years, I've worked with the world's biggest broadcasting networks, concert tours, film studios and cruise lines to help them transform their entertainment experiences. The results have been increased ratings, box offices, return business and customer satisfaction. Now I'm focused on shopping, retail and commercial centers."
“Hyper-Transform.” - Robb Wagner