Hi! I’m Cleo.

I will be working to help develop Stimulated Inc.’s creative activism projects and to engage with like-minded people who want to join forces and create real change! My role is all about connecting with others who want to see amazing things happen in our world and finding ways we can work together to benefit each other and the planet as a whole.

Through this new role, one of my biggest goals is to create more feelings of togetherness and unity in a time where we need it the most. No matter what we believe, we are all united in being humans living through similar experiences on this planet. Ultimately, my hope is that becoming more unified will make it that much easier for us to make strides towards creating a better world. It’s all intertwined.

Nature is my happy place, and being outside is the best part of my day—especially anywhere near the ocean. I always bring my film camera wherever I go to capture the small but meaningful moments that often go unnoticed. On weekends, most of my time is spent getting fresh air, trying new local restaurants in my community, or spending time with my close friends. I love taking on new creative projects—especially personal projects where I can repurpose someone’s trash into my own personal treasure. Painting on broken surfboards or restoring abandoned furniture has been my go to weekend activity lately.

I can’t wait to meet you and find out what he have in common! Let’s talk.

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