Creative Activism

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There are many ways to be heard, but the most powerful ways come from creative expression. Creative expression of any form is art. Art is emotional. Emotion is what drives movements forward and causes us to feel new things. Feelings are what lead people to act. It’s easy to see how every social movement has been intertwined with creativity in one form or the other.

Creative Activism at Stimulated-Inc. begins with our connections with you. Our goal is to connect with individuals who imagine the world in new ways, brands that aim to give back, and organizations who are fighting to create great changes in our world.

Together, we can pool our resources, assets, skills, and unique ways of thinking to bring empowerment and progress to activist movements all throughout our world. It’s time to rethink and reimagine the pathways towards positive change and the different ways in which we see ourselves collectively creating those changes.

Creative Activism at Stimulated-Inc. is our contribution to a bright future full of creative collaboration where we put our hearts, minds and unique skills together with yours to create a powerful force for good.

These are our projects:

Bringing hope and hydration to major youth soccer events.

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A public 501(c)(3) nonprofit company. It’s time that we listen to the young people of this world.

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Finally, a gift you know will be treasured by your friend and whichever charity she chooses.

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It’s time to elect leaders who are good people.

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We love the ability of art to inspire.

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