What could your hybrid creative work become?

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Stimulated Coaching

Create more content using fewer resources and with less effort overall.

Companies that want to scale their hybrid creative work capabilities must first overcome steep learning curves and new sets of unknown problems to solve. But, for companies that want to bypass the learning curves and skip the problems, Stimulated-Inc. offers a coaching solution.

In 2013 our founder Robb Wagner dove head-first into hybrid creative work as a long-range solution for doing high-level creative work like animation, motion, development & design. In addition, he invented Stimulated.Works, a powerful automated remote creative work process.

And, in the nine years since, Robb has used his bespoke process to develop and deliver innovative 7-figure content for leading brands in entertainment, hospitality, retail, sports, and marketing. And the same process has proven itself as the most efficient way to produce digital assets.

What’s more, Robb has written the playbook for hybrid creative work. And, Robb is coaching creative stakeholders at global companies to master hybrid creative workflow.

Stimulated Coaching empowers your in-house advertising, marketing, brand, and communications teams with insights, rules, procedures, best practices, tools, formulas, workflows, and technology that you can’t find anywhere else. Moreover, Robb mentors you and your teams with his open, honest guidance and expertise.

With Stimulated Coaching, Robb Wagner’s mission is to help creative stakeholders live their best creative work lives.

If you are a creative stakeholder at a global company and want to scale your hybrid creative work capabilities, book a consultation to learn more.


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