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I was the creative studio head who missed my kids’ birthday parties and ball games. Finally, I made a decision that would change my life.

Long before COVID created the world’s largest work-from-home experiment, I took my creative studio hybrid. I launched a business model that allowed my company and our global clientele to stay agile and future-proof while working with a curated roster of top-level artists to scale digital asset creation for seven-figure projects.

Back then, hybrid creativity wasn’t a trending industry buzzword. It wasn’t the pandemic Band-Aid many global companies are struggling to make work today. It was a long-range strategy I envisioned and implemented for Stimulated-Inc., helping make us a trusted partner to such conglomerates as Disney, Viacom, Carnival Cruise Line and YouTube, among others.

I’ve spent a decade honing this process that I am now sharing in my soon-to-be-released book, The Stimulated Method, a step-by-step guide that will let the in-house creative, marketing and communication teams at global companies learn how to scale their animation, motion, development and design, using the hybrid model. The unexpected benefit for me was living my best creative work-life. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned to see if I can help you live yours.

Below are just a few examples of the practical and actionable advice, insights and information in my Playbook, along with a preview of the book’s design.

Learn the best practices for keeping up with ever-increasing demand for digital marketing, advertising and communications assets. Take away the knowledge that will let you achieve a higher level of creative work using fewer resources and less effort overall.

Learn how to gain more control over your budgets and schedules. Get the formulas for remote work budgeting and accurately estimate and control your hybrid work costs and timelines.

Learn how to pick and choose the specialists that will save your company time, help protect your budgets and help drive creative success.

Learn how to rethink your workflow and make your hybrid creative process hum. The Hybrid Creative Playbook boils down 10 years of knowledge, insights, rules and counterintuitive mindset shifts gained through working on real-world creative projects for global companies. Counterintuitive mindset shift: Don’t assign work to remote artists. Instead, let them choose the work they want to do and you will get you better work.

Learn how to create bulletproof remote job briefs, your first step toward mastering hybrid creative work at scale. Creating a remote job brief is a pass/fail test. Getting it right sets up remote artists to exceed your expectations. Getting it wrong sets them, and you, up for failure.

Learn why a system to automate assets, links, information, and communication will increase productivity among in-house teams and remote artists alike when they are no longer mired in the repetition of tedious workflow management.

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Scalable digital asset creation

Stimulated.Works is the first hybrid solution to let global companies instantly scale their digital asset creation using fewer resources and less effort overall.

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Digital marketing asset for a high-end fashion brand made with Stimulated.Works.

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I also share one important story to illustrate how hybrid creative work can benefit companies in volatile times. Adopting hybrid creative work will help your company navigate global paradigm shifts like an economic downturn or a pandemic.

If you are a creative, marketing, or communications stakeholder at a global company and have questions about The Stimulated Method or Stimulated.Works, you can schedule a call with me using the button below. —Robb Wagner

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“Anyone attempting truly ambitious, creative work – produced remotely, at scale – will tell you it’s impossible. The Stimulated Method by veteran Robb Wagner proves otherwise.”
– Joel Pilger
Consultant | Managing Partner
at RevThink

“My favorite benefit of being hybrid is being more creative. If you do hybrid right, you can spend all your time being creative. Doing it the old way, once the job brief was done, all the hard work was about to begin… finding the right talent, scheduling them, making the deals, explaining the job, setting up the folders, finding links to the work, missed communications. Lost time.”
“Live your best creative work life.” - Robb Wagner