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The world’s greatest collection of creative studios for the world’s best brands.

For brands, partnering with creative studios is crucial for driving brand growth and achieving creative excellence.

However, finding the right studios, establishing Master Service Agreements (MSAs), and effectively managing these partnerships can be time-consuming and complex. It often requires extensive research, negotiations, and ongoing coordination. Brands must invest significant effort into identifying reputable studios, assessing their capabilities, negotiating terms, and ensuring smooth collaboration. This process can be overwhelming and detract from their core business focus.

Therefore, having a dedicated partner like Studios United, which offers the world’s greatest collection of creative studios, and handles the administrative aspects of partnership management, can significantly alleviate this burden. By streamlining the process, Studios United enables brands to access the creative studio expertise they need to grow their brands while minimizing the logistical challenges of finding and managing creative studio partnerships.

Founded by veteran creative industry innovators Joel Pilger and Robb Wagner, Studios United offers several benefits to your brand. It is a convenient and comprehensive solution to instantly access top creative resources, optimize creative processes, improve work-life balance, and deliver exceptional brand experiences.

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Studios United

Instant Access to 500+ Creative Studios

Studios United brings together over 500 creative studios, providing your brand with a vast, on-demand talent pool. This ensures effortless access to top-quality creative resources for your projects. Our one-of-a-kind managed talent solution lets your brand succeed in its creative endeavors.

Expert Consultation

Robb Wagner and Joel Pilger bring exceptional expertise and transformative insights to your brand. Wagner’s track record in hyper-transforming experiences for global brands demonstrates his boundary-pushing abilities. Pilger’s experience as a successful studio founder and global consultant provides a deep understanding of creative business and industry trends. Wagner and Pilger offer a comprehensive consultancy approach through Studios United. They help you drive breakthroughs, streamline operations, and unlock your brand’s potential.


An MSA with one company that can subcontract hundreds of creative studios simplifies partnership management, reducing administrative burden and ensuring consistent collaboration. Brands can consolidate their collaborations under a single MSA, eliminating the need for individual agreements with multiple studios. This centralized approach streamlines the process, enhances consistency, and enables efficient resource allocation, saving time and effort while benefiting from the expertise of diverse studios.

Proprietary Tools

Studios United has unique assets, including the Stimulated Works software platform and The Stimulated Method. This combination lets us securely share your briefs with our top-tier studios. And, the same system facilitates bidding and efficient workflow.

Time and Resource Optimization

By leveraging Studios United’s resources and methodology, brands can optimize their time and resources. Our method eliminates uncertainties and the need for constant back-and-forth communication with studios.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Studios United’s approach, as outlined in “The Stimulated Method,” aims to improve the work-life balance for creative teams. Implementing our hybrid model and leveraging our technology, we enhance efficiency, reduce unnecessary workload, and reclaim more control over time. This can improve work-life balance and increase overall satisfaction for the creative team.

Enhanced Brand Experiences

With unprecedented access to our diverse creative studios, your brand can benefit from the collective expertise and insights gained from thousands of previous successful projects. Studios United’s focus on raising the bar and applying best practices lets you create compelling and innovative brand experiences across mediums.

Studios United revolutionizes how brands access and collaborate with creative studios.

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