Make data emotional

Stimulated-Inc. swiftly and efficiently scales your brand’s 2D/3D animated media production capabilities with our disruptive tech, methods and talent.

Real-Time Experiential Video Art Driven by Data

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Scalability solved

Ordinary data is dull and uninteresting

Stimulated.Works — Our Software Revolution

Data, in its raw form, is often perceived as inherently boring and uninteresting, failing to capture attention or convey its underlying story effectively. At Stimulated-Inc., we address the challenge of making complex data accessible and engaging. Traditional data presentation can often be dry and difficult to interpret, leading to a disconnect between the data and its audience.

Data as art is interesting and engaging

Hundreds of Creative Studios – one MSA

Studios United — Our Elite Talent Battalion

We solve this problem by leveraging our advanced rendering engine, which is central to our creative process. This powerful tool enables us to convert intricate datasets into vibrant, dynamic visual narratives. Our approach goes beyond mere numbers; we transform data into an immersive, artistic experience, unveiling its hidden beauty and patterns.

Experiential data art

Resources go where they matter most

The Stimulated Method — Our Methodological Warfare

The result is our distinctive offering: captivating art pieces that provide a new perspective on data visualization and storytelling. This blend of creativity with technology not only makes abstract information approachable but also pushes the boundaries of experiential media art, showcasing our commitment to innovation and the art of visual storytelling.


Finally – Projects you don’t need to manage

The moment you bring us your animated media need, our team at Stimulated-Inc. springs into action. We deploy our one-of-a-kind methodology, proprietary software, and extensive global talent resources to meticulously craft your brief, efficiently organize your assets, and swiftly source the ideal talent. Our commitment extends to actively engaging and managing the talent, ensuring seamless communication, and rigorously overseeing every aspect of the job. We stay dedicatedly involved until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Our managed services are designed to handle every detail with precision and care, delivering excellence from start to finish.

Here’s what’s included in our managed services:

Job Creation

  1. Estimate time and cost ranges.
  2. Craft detailed briefs.
  3. Handle reference and asset management.
  4. Post jobs on our secure online platform.

Talent Sourcing

  1. Notify our vetted artists and creative studios about new jobs.
  2. Enable real-time job review by artists and studios.
  3. Instantly receive and track artist/studio responses.
  4. Ensure talent availability, capability, and term agreement.


  1. Advise you on applicant skills and rates.
  2. Select and award the job to the best-suited artist or studio.
  3. Secure e-signature on agreements from the chosen talent.

Management & Communication

  1. Manage all communications with talent.
  2. Facilitate concept and work-in-progress (WIP) submissions via our platform.
  3. Incorporate your feedback.
  4. Oversee final deliverable requests and submissions.


  1. Provide a secure download link for the final deliverable.



Managed Service Tiers

Our pricing tiers are structured to match the complexity of the job at hand. For simpler, more straightforward tasks, opt for the lower tiers. If your job requires specialized skills and more intricate management, then the higher tiers are the best fit. This flexible system ensures you pay according to the job’s demands.

Tier 1

Basic Managed Services

Get the managed services.

Communication via the platform with customer care specialists.

Job management fee: 30%.

Payment: 100% of the estimated cost due upfront.

Tier 2

Enhanced Managed Services

All benefits of Tier 1.

Additional communication options: phone and Zoom with customer care specialists.

Job management fee: 40%.

Flexible payment: 50% due upfront, 50% net-10 after delivery.

Freedom to opt-out anytime with no further charges.

Tier 3

Premium Managed Services

Includes all Tier 2 benefits.

Exclusive access to company principals for communication.

Job management fee: 50%.

Payment structure: 50% due upfront, 50% net-30 after delivery.

Satisfaction guarantee: No payment required if not completely satisfied.


Special Offer: Receive a 5% discount on total cost for pre-payment.



Elevate your creative production game

With an explosive combination of software, talent, and methodology you can’t find anywhere else, Stimulated-Inc. doesn’t just deliver – it excels in the landscape of managed 2D/3D animation, motion, development, and design. We’re not here to manage projects but to redefine the essence of managed digital production. Welcome to the future with Stimulated-Inc. Welcome to a world where managed creative production knows no bounds.

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