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In today’s competitive landscape, where brands vie for distinction, the real question is whether they’re extracting maximum value from their creative production partners. We dove into this inquiry, seeking insights, and discovered a truth: while many providers chip away at fragments of the broader picture, rare are those who offer a holistic high-value solution tackling multiple challenges in one fell swoop.

As a dedicated solutionist, our Founder, Robb Wagner, has honed a pioneering service to transform seven critical facets of brand creative production:

  1. Creative briefing
  2. Creative studio onboarding
  3. Service contracts
  4. External production orchestration
  5. Risks mitigation
  6. Review and approval
  7. Technology containment

Stimulated-Inc.’s revolutionary Premium Production services offer more than mere fractional value; we amplify every creative dollar’s worth, empower individuals within brands to thrive in their creative endeavors and usher in the next era of creative production.


Our Value Extraction Machinery

Stimulated-Inc.’s formidable trinity: proprietary workflow tech, automated talent sourcing and management, and a blueprint for operational efficiency.

complexity eliminated

Stimulated.Works — Our Tech Evolution

Everything in one place all at once

This isn’t just a mishmash of digital tools. Stimulated.Works is a rebellion against traditional digital production norms. Painstakingly engineered to untangle the knots of complexity, this platform is a masterclass in integration, morphing every stage of production from the seed of an idea to the final masterpiece into a streamlined, unified platform.

talent automated

Studios United — Our Elite Talent Battalion

Hundreds of Creative Studios – one MSA

Say goodbye to the old-school talent scouting and management grind. Studios United is our powerhouse, the world’s best collection of onshore and offshore creative studios, and a partnership with global studio advisor Joel Pilger. Our groundbreaking approach to sourcing and managing talent means hundreds of elite creative studios are always one click away from your project.

risk mitigated

The Stimulated Method — Our Methodological Warfare

Resources go where they matter most

Stimulated-Inc. minimizes risk in brand creative production using The Stimulated Method, optimizing resource utilization, and focusing on high-value creative tasks. Reducing time and financial waste on less impactful project management, we ensure resources enhance the quality and inventiveness of media content. This strategic allocation mitigates risks and maximizes creative potential.


What does this convergence of tech, talent, and methodology deliver?

  • Rock-Solid Creative Briefing – Leverage our industry-proven playbook to ensure your creative briefs are thorough and effective, laying the foundation for successful projects every time.
  • Premier Talent Solutions – Experience our gold standard in talent solutions, where we expedite the sourcing of the talent you need, ensuring a perfect match for your project’s requirements.
  • Unified Access to Creative Studios – Gain access to an exclusive network of premier creative studios, streamlined under one Master Service Agreement (MSA), simplifying your procurement process and enhancing collaboration.
  • Expert Full-Service Job Management – Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals trained in The Stimulated Method for comprehensive job management, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within scope, and beyond expectations.
  • Strategic Risk Management – Benefit from our strategic risk management framework to safeguard your budgets and minimize financial exposure, allowing for peace of mind and project security.
  • Cost-Efficient Review and Approval Tools – Utilize our review and approval tools that provide efficiency and effectiveness without the heavy financial burden, streamlining feedback and approvals without compromising quality.
  • No Additional Tech Investments – Reduce your operational costs and enhance project profitability.


Add value to your creative production game

With an explosive combination of software, talent, and methodology you can’t find anywhere else, Stimulated-Inc. doesn’t just deliver – it excels in the landscape of value-added brand 2D/3D animation, motion, development, and design. We’re not here to manage projects but to redefine the essence of creative production. Welcome to the future with Stimulated-Inc. Welcome to a world where creative production knows no bounds.

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