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Hyper-Experiential Skating

A new brand experience from Stimulated-Inc.

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Is the same skating rink that people see year after year memorable?

Ice Skating rinks are a staple at shopping centers around the holidays. Families, friends, and couples are drawn to this cheerful experience that promises good vibes and jolly fun–but these rinks look the same every year. When patrons leave the ice rink at your shopping center, will your brand be a part of the memories they made there? Or did you miss an important opportunity to intertwine your brand with people’s fondest holiday memories?

It’s time to create an ice skating experience only your brand can provide. Stimulated inc transforms ice skating during the holidays into an unparalleled immersive experience using video screens and turnkey digital content. Imagine skating with family through a glimmering, snow-dusted candy cane lane. Or gliding through a twinkling, snowy Christmas tree forest while in your center. Create irreplaceable memories of a lifetime for your patrons and leave a lasting impact on their minds.

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