Hype Park

The Bar & Restaurant Where Virtual Collides With Reality

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Beyond Hard Rock Cafe!

Buckle up, rebels of the norm! Hype Park is a sanctuary for the unimaginable, a mind-bending odyssey designed by experiential artist and Stimulated-Inc. founder, Robb Wagner. If you’ve been searching for a bar, restaurant and entertainment venue that transcends the norm, you’ve found it.

A Universe of Immerse: Where Virtual Meets Physical

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again. At Hype Park, we’re smashing boundaries, fusing reality with pixel and pulse. Prepare to question everything you know.

For the Superfan, By the Superfan: Dial it Up to 11
Unhinged, Unleashed, Unapologetic

We know our audience. Each event, show, and experience at Hype Park is designed to make even the most hardcore fans lose their minds. You’re not just part of the show; you are the show.

A Technological Marvel: State-of-the-Art Design

Robb Wagner’s mastermind vision is stitched into the very fabric of Hype Park. Be prepared for a multi-sensory feast that will redefine your perception of what a bar, restaurant and entertainment venue can be.

Join the Hype

Dive into the rabbit hole of a reality that morphs and molds to the true fan in you. You haven’t seen, heard or felt anything like this, because nothing like this exists.

Don’t be the one hearing about it—be the one living it. Join the Hype and transform your idea of what entertainment can and should be. See you on the other side.

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The Hype Park Experience: Unforgettable From Start to Finish

Step 1: Immersive Dining & Drinking

Walking into Hype Park, you’re immediately enveloped by a larger-than-life atmosphere. Whether you’re a rock aficionado or a horror buff, iconic 15-foot sculptures—like those of KISS or Freddy Krueger—loom overhead, transforming an ordinary meal into an extraordinary adventure.

Step 2: Step into the Theater

With ticket in hand, prepare for an immersive experience that’ll defy your wildest imaginations. Engineered by experiential artist Robb Wagner, the theater experience is unlike any other, taking fandom to a new dimension.

Step 3: Post-Show Revelry

After the curtains close and your mind is sufficiently blown, head back to the bar to toast and revel in the memories you’ve just made. The conversation is just getting started.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

The Hype never stops. Curated content changes across global locations, ensuring that superfans always have something new to discover. Each visit offers a fresh perspective, a new story, and another chance to live the unliveable.

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