Plush seats and premium screens aren’t enough

Experiential Transformation

for movie theaters

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You’ve invested in plush recliner seats, premium screens and booming sound systems. Movies are looking and sounding better than ever, but you can’t say the same for your ticket sales and bottom line. There’s something missing from the equation— and you feel as if you’re stuck trying to figure out exactly what it is.

Here’s how you get unstuck.

Entertain your guests beyond the main feature. Deliver entertainment experiences so powerful that the outside world ceases to exist the moment people walk into your theater. Make customers feel as if they are not only entering a movie theater but an entirely new world of unique and memorable experiences to share with their friends and family.

At Stimulated-Inc., we believe movie theaters have inherent magic that is begging to be built upon. We know they have the ability to transform and become entertainment leaders. We’ve seen it and we’ve been part of it, with clients like Disney (“Hannah Montana 3D”), Viacom (“MTV Video Music Awards”), Sony (“Michael Jackson’s This Is It”), YouTube (“YouTube Music Awards”) and Carnival Cruise Line (“Interactive Multimedia Entertainment for New Builds”).

Experiential Transformation means we take your brand’s existing assets and transform them into something that people have simply never experienced before. All, for experiences that stimulate the senses, evoke emotion, and ultimately become something entirely new.

Once you achieve this, you’ll find yourself at the edge of something extraordinary—the empowerment to create your own future.

If you’re interested in transforming your theaters into unforgettable experiences, you’ve come to the right place. And we’d absolutely love to work with you.

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Big Screen Drops

Alternative audience experiences for movie theaters

Big Screen Drops™ is our realistic idea for alternative movie theater happenings. These one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences can be designed specifically for people to enjoy in theaters. They can be made even more immersive and memorable with the addition of temporary or permanent in-theater lighting, video screens and special effects.

Big Screen Drops can be created in a way that they’re able to evolve and adapt as the audience evolves. This ensures there will never be a gap between what the audience wants and what theater operators are able to offer.

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“Over the past 17 years, I've worked with the world's biggest broadcasting networks, concert tours, film studios and cruise lines to help them transform their entertainment into something that people have never experienced before. The results have been increased ratings, box offices, return business and customer satisfaction. Now I'm focused on helping movie theaters."
“Hyper-Transform.” - Robb Wagner