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Experiential Retail Art — from Stimulated-Inc.

“When an experience is powerful enough, engaging enough and memorable enough, we don’t have to tell a story. The audience will tell it for us.” – Robb Wagner, Experiential Artist

Thus begins the customers’ journey from the limitations of conventional thinking into a world where thinking like an innovator makes anything possible. Always looking to the future, Experiential Artist Robb Wagner is a pioneer in the new paradigm of storytelling.

Recognized as one of the brightest thinkers and designers in the next wave of entertainment, Robb’s design work spans major titles in television, film and live entertainment. His reputation for collaboration, responsiveness and his ability to contribute to the project’s vision is unparalleled.

Now, Robb Wagner brings an exciting new experience to shopping centers.

Introducing Experiential Retail Arts, from Stimulated-Inc.

Emotional connections have become critical for building brand loyalty, increasing revenue, and creating a positive reputation in the community.

Stimulated-Inc.’s Experiential Retail Art is a new way for shopping centers to evoke these powerful emotions in people through personalized subject matter and one-of-a-kind execution.

Scalable to fit any space, these mixed media artworks layer elements of sculpture with media content, lighting, sound and interactivity.

They transform your shopping center into an art experience that begs to be seen, felt and shared.

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Experiential Transformation