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I’m Robb Wagner, and I’m glad to know you.

Throughout my career, I’ve walked alongside some of the most iconic and disruptive figures in the entertainment industry, including MTV, Disney, Michael Jackson, and Spike Jonze. These experiences have shaped my approach to creativity and underscored the importance of partnership over traditional consulting. At the heart of every innovative journey lies not just a consultant but a true partner — someone who walks beside you, understands your challenges intimately, and shares your vision for success. This philosophy is the cornerstone of Creative Partnering, a revolutionary approach I champion that transcends traditional creative consulting. It’s about building a symbiotic relationship that nurtures innovation, drives transformation, and leads to unparalleled success. Welcome to Creative Partnering, where your vision becomes our shared journey towards breaking new ground together.

Unlike conventional consulting, where advice is given from a distance, Creative Partnering is about immersion and empathy. I know that the path to true innovation is paved with shared experiences. That’s why, as your Creative Partner, I listen deeply to your hurdles and dreams. My approach is built on the understanding and knowledge that your challenges and solutions are unique.

With Creative Partnering, you’re not just getting expert advice but gaining a partner in your creative and business endeavors. I’ve navigated the same waters, faced similar obstacles, and harnessed my innovative resources and skillsets to overcome and thrive. I aim to leverage this wealth of experience to guide you toward living your best creative work life.

Together, we’ll explore radical work methods and apply disruptive principles tailored to your unique needs. My proprietary creative workflows and methodologies are designed to solve problems and future-proof your creative and business journeys. Whether you’re looking to transform entertainment experiences, develop groundbreaking content, or innovate within your industry, I’m here to partner with you every step of the way.

Let’s embark on this creative journey together. With Creative Partnering, your vision is my mission. Unlock the full potential of your creative and business endeavors and live the creative work-life you’ve always dreamed of.

Certainly, Robb! How about this:

I’m offering a select few partnership opportunities, each at an investment of $5,500 monthly. This guarantees at least fifteen hours of my direct involvement, focusing on active engagement and strategic planning. Knowing my dedication, you can expect value well beyond this commitment.

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Cost Blox

Rapid estimating method for motion and animation studios

Welcome to Cost Blox: Rapid Estimating for Motion Studios

Effortless Estimating for Creative Studios

Quick and accurate cost estimates are essential in the fast-paced world of motion design and animation. Traditional estimating processes are often slow and cumbersome, starting from scratch each time. Cost Blox changes that, introducing a simple, intuitive system. Your pre-defined service blocks make estimating as easy as counting on your fingers, streamlining what used to be a lengthy process into just a few minutes.

Simplified Process with Expert Guidance

Your journey with Cost Blox starts with a consulting session led by Robb Wagner, our founder, and a seasoned experiential media artist. You’ll identify and build your studio’s cost blocks tailored to your specific services. Through hands-on practice sessions, you’ll master rapid estimating under Robb’s guidance, gaining the tools and confidence to estimate quickly and independently.

Why Choose Cost Blox?

  • Simplicity: Converts complex estimates into a manageable process.
  • Speed: Cuts down estimating time significantly.
  • Accuracy: Ensures precise estimates with a custom-designed method.
  • Expert Support: Offers Robb Wagner’s vast experience and personalized advice.

Transform Your Estimating Today

With Cost Blox, say goodbye to the friction of traditional estimating and embrace a future of efficiency. Connect with us to schedule your consulting session with Robb Wagner and start leveraging the power of rapid estimating. Let Cost Blox help you focus on your creative passion, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cost Blox: Empowering Creativity with Efficiency.

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