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Michael Jackson’s This Is It – Film & Multimedia Production Company for a 3D Concert Tour & Feature

November 21, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA) – Stimulated, Inc. was handpicked to help create “Michael Jackson’s, This Is It” concert tour in 2009.

Stimulated, Inc. was selected as the tour’s 3D film and video production company, and Robb Wagner was selected as film and video Producer. Wagner was honored to work closely with Michael Jackson and his Co-Director, Kenny Ortega, helping Jackson realize his dream for the biggest comeback tour ever. Jackson’s vision included state of the art short films and visual effects sequences, which Stimulated, Inc. produced in the months prior to Jackson’s untimely passing. Much of the work Stimulated, Inc. produced with Jackson is featured in “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”.

“Robb – I want to tell you again how much I appreciate the incredible and loving investment you and everyone you invited on to our project made. It has been such a privilege. I have all along appreciated your openness and willingness to do everything within your ability to serve Michael and I at the highest level. You accomplished this in spades. Please take every opportunity that you have to thank your Staff and all the Creative Team on my behalf for an outstanding job.“

-Kenny Ortega, Director “Michael Jackson‘s This Is It“

What Stimulated Did:

– Collaborated on the overall vision of the project
– Produced the first-ever 3D films to be presented at a major concert tour
– Production company for film shoots and VFX post production
– Oversaw technical aspects of the live 3D presentation
– Produced all VFX segments for the Sony feature film
– Robb Wagner: 3D Film and Media Producer