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Instantly increase your company’s creative agility.

For global companies, agile advertising, marketing & communication requires new processes.

Stimulated.Works automates high-level creative work like animation, motion, development & design. Now, when you identify gaps where new content is needed, simply connect with one of our dedicated producers, and let us use our automated process to get it done for you.

Stimulated.Works is a powerful content production add-on for in-house advertising, marketing, brand, and communications teams. Think of us as a robust extension of your in-house creative resources, that is always available at a moment’s notice.

Bypass the inefficient, costly, exhausting work of dealing with external agencies, talent agencies, freelancer sites, temporary talent, and traditional content houses. Instantaneously gain the ability to develop content fast and rapidly adapt content for each channel where your brand interacts with core audiences.

If you are a creative stakeholder at a global brand and need an immediate solution for creating high-level content at scale, contact us to learn more.


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The history in this heavy machinery

Stimulated.Works was created to help experiential artist, Robb Wagner, on interactive projects like Michael Jackson’s This is It 3D tour or the Academy Awards. Its bespoke software and curated talent has helped automate 7-figure projects over the last nine years. And the same process has proven itself as the most efficient way to produce digital assets.


“Stimulated-Inc. is a creative company with a unique, smart, and very effective method of creating and delivering great content. I use them almost exclusively for the Foo Fighters tours. The only time I’ve strayed away I’ve regretted it.” – Dan Hadley, Production Designer, Foo Fighters