Outsourcing work shouldn’t be so much work.


Animation – Motion – Development – Design

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Tired of chasing freelancers?

Checking availabilities? Negotiating rates? Time to stop searching and start making. Meet the system for completing your creative needs, like animation, motion, development & design. Instead of finding freelancers in a pinch, get work done now by curated artists. You make the brief. They do the work. The system and our dedicated specialists make it easy. No talent search required. Yep, really.

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How this works.

Our 4-step process.


Ask for a deliverable

Our specialists post a brief with every detail of your job into the system.


Get bids

The system gets bids from talented, vetted artists who are available, capable, and onboard with your terms.


Get it done

With one affirmative click, your job begins. Easily review work, give feedback, and get your deliverables right on time. Even with revisions, you never have to set up a call.


Get the files

Finally, receive your largest final deliverables through our system. No need to chat back-and-forth or set up a special drive.

The history in this heavy machinery

Stimulated.Works was created to help experiential artist, Robb Wagner, on interactive projects like Michael Jackson’s This is It 3D tour or the Academy Awards. Its bespoke software and curated talent has helped automate 7-figure projects over the last eight years. And the same system has proven itself as the most efficient way to source creative assets. Now, with so many companies trying to navigate remote work, it feels like a good time to share it with creative agencies.

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Forget project management. This is a maker management tool.

Tier 1

The System + The Talent

Subscribe to the system and the curated talent.

Includes a 2-hour consulting session for the team plus ongoing support posting briefs. Also includes email production support.

$349 per month

+ 25% of every job budget

Tier 2

The System + The Talent + Live Support

Everything from Tier 1 plus consultants available 24/7 for calls and emails, to guarantee your jobs run as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

$799 per month

+ 25% of every job budget

Tier 3


Phase One: our company principals make findings and recommendations.

Phase Two: we work with your team to implement a customized plan including consulting, system, and talent.

Phase Three: our consultants support your team and fine-tune your workflow as needed.

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