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How Robb Wagner smashed through the talent barrier

And how his clients benefit

In 2012, experiential artist Robb Wagner wanted to shatter the barriers of interactive entertainment experiences. But the development, design, and animation talent he needed didn’t exist in his city. Further, sourcing and working with remote talent was inefficient, costly, and exhausting. In addition, budgets and schedules weren’t magically increasing.

Subsequently, Robb imagined a revolutionary system that would let him achieve his radical creative visions. He built Stimulated Works, the world’s first talent portal connecting a studio with a curated workforce of multi-disciplinary designers, animators, and motion artists. As a result, creative possibilities and results exploded.

Firstly, this let Stimulated-Inc. expand its capabilities without increasing infrastructure. Secondly, it let Robb curate bespoke workforces around his studio’s evolving creative goals. Thirdly, it empowered Robb and his team to develop, pitch, and say ‘yes’ to more radical ideas. Moreover, the system’s automation freed remote artists to do their best work. And, it controlled costs.

As a result, Robb achieved the creative breakthroughs he wanted. What’s more, the first project earned his client its highest-ever customer satisfaction and won a design award. To sum it up, after eight years and multiple 7-figure projects, Stimulated Works has proven itself as the most effective way to achieve increase creative output.

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