Video Fine Art

Stimulated-Inc. presents the savage fusion of physical and virtual – a fine arts rebellion.

Tailor-made for the elite haunts: high-end restaurants, exclusive retail, cutting-edge commercial spaces, swanky hotels, and the boldest homes. Get ready to blur boundaries; this is the next level of luxury. Dive in, if you dare.

break boundaries

Introducing Video Fine Arts™: Art’s Raw Rebellion. A New Revolution.

Welcome to the anarchy of imagination, where creativity collides with tech, ripping apart the very fabric of artistic convention. Video Fine Arts™, forged by Experiential Media Artist Robb Wagner, is a revolution, not a mere evolution—it’s a riot in the realm of art, a fusion so fierce it’s a battleground of creativity. This isn’t a gallery; it’s art with a pulse, alive and untamed, where static is replaced by constant change, evolution, and rebellion.

Dive into Wagner’s world where fixed art is stagnant and creativity flows, transforms, and lives. Forget what you know. This is art that erupts, explodes, engulfs. It doesn’t wait for the future; it drags it, screaming, into the present. A realm of unchained creativity, wild, raw, and waiting. Unleash your senses with Video Fine Arts™. Experience art, Stimulated.

Blaze the trail