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For in-house advertising, marketing, brand, and communications teams at global companies.

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Stimulated-Inc. Founder Robb Wagner is arguably one of the world’s leading hybrid creative work experts.

Now, Robb is teaching his Hybrid Creative Master Course, to help creative and communication teams at global companies master hybrid creative work at scale.

At the scale of a global company, mastering hybrid creative work requires fundamental mindset shifts in addition to insights, rules, procedures, best practices, tools, workflows, and bespoke technology. Some of the mindset shifts that Robb Wagner teaches might seem counterintuitive. For instance, if Robb was to say, “stop assigning work to artists,” you might not understand what that means. But, when you learn how to master hybrid creative work, you will also make new discoveries. Like, if you let artists tell you what jobs excite them, you will get you better work.

Stimulated-Inc.’s Hybrid Creative Master Course is built on the success of Stimulated.Works, the hybrid creative workflow process that has been in use by Robb Wagner and his company to automate creative workflow for nine years. It was initially developed to help Stimulated-Inc. automate and deliver such interactive, seven-figure projects as Carnival Cruise Line’s immersive multimedia entertainment, the Foo Fighters’ LED screen content and visual content for Viacom’s marquee broadcast events, including “Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration,” which recently launched Paramount Network. These successful efforts have validated Stimulated.Works as the most efficient way to produce digital assets at scale.

The Hybrid Creative Master Course teaches you everything you need to know to get started, on your way to mastering hybrid creative work at scale.

  • When to outsource and when to in-house
  • How to use hybrid to mitigate risk
  • How to build a hybrid creative workforce
  • The key mindset shifts required for successful hybrid work
  • How to build a creative assembly line

Learn how to master the 16 key elements of remote animation, motion, development, and design briefs.

  1. Job title
  2. Long description
  3. Short description
  4. Beats
  5. Still image references
  6. Video references
  7. Motion animatic
  8. Due date
  9. Budget
  10. Technical information
  11. Naming instructions
  12. Asset download instructions
  13. Work upload instructions
  14. Final upload instructions
  15. Communication instructions
  16. Deal memo

Mastering hybrid creative work at scale can let you and your entire team live your best creative work-lives.

Learn from one of the best in the business.

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“My favorite benefit of being hybrid is being more creative. If you do hybrid right, you can spend all your time being creative. Doing it the old way, once the job brief was done, all the hard work was about to begin… finding the right talent, scheduling them, making the deals, explaining the job, setting up the folders, finding links to the work, missed communications. Lost time.”
“Live your best creative work life.” - Robb Wagner