Not every artist at every creative studio has enough work to keep busy every day or week. These lost hours doing billable work cost creative studios money.

Stimulated-Inc.’s Studio Force transforms a creative industry liability into an opportunity for both creative studios and clients. Now, creative studios can use Stimulated.Works to find 2D/3D animation, design, motion and development jobs, fill gaps in their schedules and keep artists busy during downtimes. Clients can use Stimulated.Works to get work done by both top freelance artists and artists at top studios, without the usual dreadful process of checking availability, capability, schedules and rates.

Here’s how it works:

For Clients

Bring us your digital asset needs. Our specially trained creative producers use our proprietary production platform and method to guide our global team of certified artists and Studio Force through their work.

Take a minute or two to review work and give feedback. Our method will do the rest for you—and before you know it, your final deliverables are ready to download.

For Creative Studios

Get vetted and let us teach you our method. When you have gaps in your schedule login to our Live Jobs board and see if there is work that is a fit. Our platform cuts out all inefficient, costly exhausting work so your artists can do their best work.

Stimulated.Works is a leading source of digital asset production for creative teams. We help creative, communication, brand, marketing, advertising, entertainment and experience teams to produce more digital assets and to live better lives.









“I’m looking forward to dedicating the next phase of my career to helping great causes.”

– Robb Wagner

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