Creative studio stakeholders and their teams waste precious time, money and energy jumping around between digital work platforms, sites and tabs all day long.

You search for talent using one set of sites, manage talent using others, manage assets, share assets, share work, review work and communicate — all using different platforms, sites and services.

Instead of solving your problems, these disconnected ‘solutions’ have become your problem.

Stimulated.Works gives today’s creative studios and their hybrid teams all the workflow software they need — in a single solution.

More than software, Stimulated.Works comes packaged with the proprietary methodology, training and support that creative studios need to thrive in the hybrid world.

Features and benefits for living your best creative work-life.

Bidding System
Eliminate scheduling calls, checking availabilities and negotiating rates.

Briefing System
Eliminate explaining jobs.

Contract System
Eliminate generating and waiting on deal memos.

Asset System
Eliminate managing and sharing assets on box sites.

Communication System
Eliminate jumping around between communication platforms.

Commenting System
Eliminate searching through emails to find out who said what, when.

Specs System
Eliminate explaining technical information.

Naming System
Eliminate file naming chaos.

Sharing System
Eliminate sharing links and passwords.

Review System
Eliminate jumping between sites to schedule reviews and review work.

Task System
Eliminate the need for external task management platforms.

Delivery System
Eliminate setting up special drives for large files.

Methodology Training
Get trained in the hybrid creative work method that cuts cost, time and complexity.

Dedicated Guidance
Get ongoing support to help your team work through challenges as they arise.

The history in this heavy machinery

Stimulated.Works was created to help creative producer, Robb Wagner, on entertainment projects for companies like Disney and Viacom. Its proprietary method, software and curated list of talent have helped produce 7-figure projects over the last 10 years. And the same system has proven itself as the most efficient way to generate digital creative assets.