Rules Be Damned: Elvis Presley

by Robb Wagner

Are you living under the limitations of others or paving your own path with your own rules?

Elvis Presley stirred up controversy while stirring his hips at a passionate performance one night in Los Angeles. Despite the Los Angeles Vice Squad watching closely for excessive gyration, Presley continued to let his music flow and move his body however it pleased.

Later explaining these movements as simply being part of his natural reaction to the music, Elvis cracked open the limited mindset of self expression to the world of musical diversity that exists today. Presley helped push the boundaries past what was considered socially acceptable simply by choosing to make his own rules. Breaking through pointless limitations, this act represents the tenacity and spirit that lies within all creators and individuals who swim against the current.

On what would have been his 84th birthday, we celebrate Elvis for showing us that having the courage to define your own path will lead to unique opportunity like no other.

Write your own rules.