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Create game-changing video experiences and make memories.

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More than ever brands & businesses want to create an experience. Anyone can talk the talk, but few will dare to walk the walk. At Stimulated-Inc., we believe an experience should create an everlasting memory. It should be burned into the psyche and chalked upon a shortlist of happenings within a lifetime.

Since 2005, Stimulated-Inc. has raised the bar on big and small screens, spanning over a decade of cultural moments including The Oscars, Disney films, and the MTV Video Music Awards.

It’s almost impossible to not have seen Robb Wagner’s experiential video work over the past sixteen years. He spearheaded P. Diddy’s virtual duet with posthumous Notorious B.I.G. at the MTV Video Music Awards, orchestrated the live direction of Disney’s ‘Miley Cyrus & Hannah Montana: Best Of Both Worlds 3D Concert Film’, led the production of ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’ 3D concert, directed interactive dance performance for ‘ABC’s Dancing With The Stars’, produced award-winning media shows for Carnival Cruise Line and designed concert visuals for Foo Fighters concert tours.

“Robb’s a true visual magician. How he imagines what is possible onstage between live-action and video image is remarkable and uniquely inventive.  How he creates images, his vast knowledge of video resources, and animation possibilities completely changed our shows at Carnival from fun & engaging to one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences.  He’s imaginative, smart, super practical, and best of all – a terrific collaborator. He’s out for the best production possible, and that’s what we have at Carnival Cruise Line because of his work.” – Peter Flynn, Creator/Director

Beyond the biggest names in entertainment, Stimulated-Inc. has become a sought-after industry standard by global brands that want to create their own iconic multimedia experience using LED displays on stages, in public spaces, corporate lobbies, conference centers, cruise ships, hotels, and casinos.

If you’re interested in creating an extraordinary video experience, contact us to learn more.