2023 cruise ship case study

Hyper-emotional media content instead of a circus tent

Even the newest cruise ships at sea don’t have room for a physical circus tent. We created something sicker; a virtual tent that rises on a 100-foot x 30-foot ultra-resolution LED screen. Our media content keeps the audience in awe with hyper-realistic pyrotechnics, lighting, effects and supernatural occurrences defying the physical world.


Hyper-Experiential Media Content

A lot of people talk about blurring the line between fantasy and reality. We use media content to erase it.

A Video Screen Becomes A Virtual Night Club

A Video Screen Seamlessly Merges With A Stage 

Physical Scenery Extends Into The Virtual World

Live Action Seamlessly Integrates into Screen Content

A Projection Mapped Video Screen Rises Out Of a Lake

A Retail Space Becomes a Transfortainment Venue

Foo Fighters Concert Tours

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

The World’s Largest Cruise Line


Hyper-Immersive Media Content

Our approach to immersive experiences is rooted in our 18-year history of using ultra-scale media content to obliterate the audience.


Hyper-Motion Graphics

Our Stimulated.Works production process can’t be replicated, but the results are always the same. Hyper-emotional media content that pushes brands.