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Las Vegas, NV April 26-28, 2022

How do you get audiences to return to movie theaters?

The answer, according to experiential artist and Stimulated-Inc. CEO Robb Wagner, is hyper-transformation, a vision he will share with attendees of CinemaCon in Las Vegas April 26-28.

Wagner, whose innovative work and concepts have made him a trusted ally to such globally recognized brands as Disney, Viacom and Carnival Cruise Line, believes it will take a radical shift in the customer experience theaters provide in order to see moviegoers return en masse.

“Hyper-transformation means grabbing customers the moment they enter the building with an experience they cannot get at home,” he explains. “It means borrowing a cue from the cruise industry to reimagine theater venues from the inside out.”

As part of a group of external creative partners headhunted by consultants for the world’s largest cruise line, Wagner helped develop and reinvent onboard entertainment experiences, incorporating radical transformations that yielded a decade of growth leading into the pandemic. This work has also been instrumental in luring back audiences post-pandemic.

For Wagner, hyper-transformation is more than conceptual. It’s been a guiding force in a career that has seen him disrupt numerous industries and even his own business. Watch a highlight reel here, and read about Robb Wagner’s work in Adweek, Ad Age, Post Magazine, Medium, Built In, among others.

Robb Wagner is available for commentary before, during and after CinemaCon. Use the link below to schedule a meeting or for Robb’s mobile number.

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