Dimensional AR™

New opportunities for Broadcast Events

Problems with augmented reality at broadcast events:

  • The in-person audience can’t see the AR
  • The TV Director can’t capture AR in the lens

Solution: Dimensional AR™

  • Visible to the in-person audience
  • Visible to the TV Director’s lens

The effect is made with a proprietary projection screen and specialized content.

“Everybody wants AR and holograms for their TV shows. There’s no such thing as a hologram. Traditional AR is problematic for broadcast. So this is the effect we’re excited to explore.” – Robb Wagner

Email robb@stimulated-inc.com for more information.

The video below was made without any VFX post production. The entire video was captured live in the lens using a combination of background projection and Dimensional AR.

Film credit: McGarryBowen/Found-Studio