Take The Leap & Become A Game Changer

by Robb Wagner

What is a disturbance? An inconvenient speed bump in our progress? Or is it rather the unexpected gust of wind that shifts the sails and guides us towards an extraordinary discovery?

Disruptors have been instrumental in the innovations that allow us to move beyond the boundaries of society. These are the people and brands that create large looming waves that disturb stagnancy in our society created by one track minds.

Sir Richard Branson began with a dream of competing with big name airlines. He had to ask himself- What can I offer that will disrupt the industry and make me a unique competitor?

This pushed Branson to innovate new incentives like limo service that rocket-launched Virgin Airlines into its’ current success. This singular ability to divert the common flow and create beyond the demand is a valuable talent in our society that we should celebrate and strengthen.

We want to change the perception of deviation and salute the creative thinkers who dare to disrupt.

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