Assigning Work Isn’t Working

by Robb Wagner

When you assign work to an artist, will you really get their best work? You’ll never find out until you try something different. For instance, what if you could let artists read job briefs and tell you what jobs excite them? Would you get better work? I wanted to find out, so nine years ago I designed a bidding system into Stimulated.Works. Now my production team could post briefs with all the details and specs of our animation, motion, development & design jobs. And when we click to make our jobs ‘Live’, all of our curated artists can see them. This lets our curated artists see every detail of the job, including creative requirements, technical specs, budgets and dates. If an artist sees a job that excites them, they click to submit a bid. These bids are mini job applications that let our production team know which curated artists are capable, available and onboard with the job terms. Bids can arrive within minutes and work often starts right away.

So, did this get us better work? You bet it did. Today our curated artists often exceed our expectations, which is what we have come to expect of them. Better work comes naturally due to the Stimulated.Works technique. To sum it up, our technique is the opposite of assigning work, and another case study in how to fix a broken system called creative work.

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