Are you looking for the secret formula to creating meaningful change for Earth?

by Robb Wagner

Look to Surfrider.

Surfrider Los Angeles is an organization that embodies the spirit of working collaboratively to positively impact the world- both in the present and future. With a mission to preserve 31 miles of the beautiful California Coast, the efforts of Surfrider Los Angeles demonstrate a rare and admirable dedication to setting goals in order to save the Oceans.

We look towards Surfriders’ energetic and dynamic approach that is paving new ways to create change in a country where environmental policy is being tossed to the side. Challenging and collaborating with government and industry, Surfrider is working to protect the Oceans that breathe life into our planet.

Surfrider is only possible due to the passionate people who give their driven organization the added strength and fervor it needs to succeed. Offering constant volunteer opportunities and events, Surfrider Los Angeles has become central to the lives of many Californians who share a common goal of keeping our coastline alive and thriving.

These are simply some of the qualities which place Surfrider Los Angeles on our list of Organizations that are changing the world.


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