The Future of Immersive Entertainment

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Wave farewell to the costly and distant excursions to Las Vegas-style entertainment centers. Welcome to 3RD Square – your local gateway to a world of high-end, immersive entertainment, now spectacularly accessible within retail centers.

At the heart of 3RD Square lies an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of experiences catering to various tastes and interests. This dynamic diversity springs from the creative wells of Stimulated-Inc., a powerhouse in rapid content development and scaling. Our robust collaborations and extensive networks, encompassing elite artists, top-tier talent managers, and leading entertainment juggernauts, ensure that 3RD Square is a pulsating hub of fresh, enthralling, and culturally relevant experiences for every soul in your community.

The mastermind behind 3RD Square’s meticulously crafted world is Stimulated-Inc., steered by the visionary experiential artist Robb Wagner. Armed with 19 years of pioneering expertise in the entertainment realm, Stimulated-Inc. stands as a beacon of Hyper-Experiential Media Content™. This avant-garde studio transcends the conventional, drawing on rich experiences with industry titans like Disney, Viacom, Sony, and YouTube. Their portfolio, an impressive tapestry of television, live concerts, film, and digital media, does more than immerse – it transforms every encounter into an extraordinary, unforgettable journey.


What’s inside 3rd square?

Juice Punch

The World’s First Animated Music Festival

Juice Punch is not just a festival; it’s a groundbreaking animated immersive experience. It’s the world’s first of its kind, designed specifically for young audiences but captivating for all ages. This festival dynamically blends the vibrant energy of Coachella, the electrifying beats of Tomorrowland, the creative spirit of Burning Man, and the unity of EDC, all wrapped up in an exhilarating, animated format. Imagine being immersed in a world where music and animation collide to create an ever-evolving landscape of sound and vision. Juice Punch is more than an event; it’s a cultural phenomenon, constantly reshaping the landscape of music festivals and offering a fresh, unprecedented experience with every edition.



A Deep Dive into the Human Experience

Humanity is an immersive expedition into the depths of the human soul. This experience is a tapestry of emotions, woven to resonate deeply with both the young and the mature. It’s a journey that transcends a mere exploration, transforming into a narrative that touches the core of what it means to be human. Each scene, each moment in Humanity, is crafted to evoke empathy, to challenge perceptions, and to confront the unfiltered essence of our lives. This narrative doesn’t just tell a story; it immerses you in it, making you part of a shared truth that aches with conflict but shines with inner strength. Humanity is not just an experience; it’s a mirror reflecting our collective struggles, joys, and the undying spirit of resilience.


Immersive Halloween

A Dual-Themed Halloween Odyssey

Immersive Halloween at 3RD Square is a spectacular celebration of the spooky season, transforming from a sunlit, family-friendly haunt into a nocturnal realm of terror. By day, families can enter a haunted house filled with playful ghosts and whimsical monsters, perfect for creating fun, fright-free memories with the little ones. As darkness falls, the ambiance shifts to cater to those seeking adrenaline-pumping scares. The night version of this haunted house is a meticulously crafted domain of horror designed to thrill and chill even the most seasoned horror enthusiasts. This dual-themed Halloween experience is more than just a movie; it’s an interactive odyssey that blends state-of-the-art technology, stunning visual effects, and enveloping soundscapes, ensuring every visitor actively participates in the eerie narrative.


Immersive Christmas

A Winter Wonderland of Festive Magic

When Halloween’s shadows recede, 3RD Square transforms into a dazzling Christmas wonderland. This immersive Christmas experience invites you into a festive fantasy, where holiday cheer permeates the air. Journey through landscapes reminiscent of a snow-dusted forest, dancing lights mimic candy rhythms, and gingerbread houses come to animated life. It’s a place where the spirit of Christmas is not just seen but felt, creating a sense of wonder and joy for visitors of all ages. This enchanting experience includes interactive elements and festive activities that encapsulate the essence of the holiday season. From capturing memories at a themed photo booth to wandering through a labyrinth of holiday marvels, Immersive Christmas at 3RD Square is a celebration that turns the season’s magic into a vivid, unforgettable reality.