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The new Hyper-Experiential Retail concept from Stimulated-Inc.

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Gone are the days of simple shaded walks and indoor malls, where traditional retail experiences fail to capture the imagination or foster deep connections between brands and communities.

Step into the Hyper-Experiential Retail future with 3RDSquare™, the revolutionary next evolution of shopping center experiences.

In a world dominated by digital interactions, 3RDSquare creates a new realm where technology, entertainment, and emotional content collide to create an in-person experience like no other.

3RDSquare™ excels as an experiential entertainment venue, making powerful connections between brands and communities through emotionally charged experiences in a dynamic environment.

3RDSquare is the new Hyper-Experiential Retail concept from Stimulated-Inc.

What’s inside the box?

Immersive Christmas

Coming in Q3 2023

Welcome to the ultimate immersive Christmas experience! Enjoy a journey through a world of festive fun, designed to transport you to a land of wonder and joy. From a snow-covered forest of dancing candy to an animated gingerbread house, feel like you’ve entered a magical world of holiday enchantment. Take a holiday photo at our photo booth to commemorate your time with loved ones. Create lasting memories at our immersive Christmas experience. Join us and experience the magic of Christmas!

We’ll add “Easter eggs” from your community in the content for personalization, encouraging attentive guests to discover hidden items or details that can foster excitement, community, and social sharing, thus deepening their appreciation for the experience and your shopping center. Imagine iconic places in your community as a forest full of dancing Christmas candy.


Immersive Halloween

Coming in Q3 2024

Experience an unforgettable Halloween adventure with our spine-tingling immersive attraction. Enter fully-realized haunted houses and encounter creepy creatures, leaving you on the edge of your seat. Even if you’re not a horror fan, our attraction offers a unique way to celebrate Halloween. For kids of all ages, we provide a child-friendly haunted house during the day, filled with friendly ghosts and cute monsters that will create fun and safe memories.

Come back at night for a super-scary haunted house, perfect for those seeking a more intense experience. Personalized “Easter eggs” in the content will make zombies take over iconic places in your community.



Coming in Q1 2024

Humanity is a radical transformation of immersive entertainment. It tells a spellbinding narrative through the award-winning images of Steve McCurry, immersive environments, a sweeping musical score, and a multi-dimensional soundscape. By allowing people to experience the lives of others, Humanity creates a shift in perspective, evokes empathy for extreme human conditions, and emphasizes the oneness within all of us. The story includes heart-wrenching moments of war, disasters, and poverty, yet it also shows the spark of hope within all people. Ultimately, Humanity delivers a powerful message of unity, hope and optimism in a world that needs it more than ever.

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